Unmanaged OpenVZ VPSs 768MB RAM $2.65/month
My affiliation with is as a very satisfied user for more than one year.  HostUS knows how to put together reliable VPSs.  Service is consistently good all of the time - they respond very fast to tickets.  They've also been around for a long while as well.  

Cost:  $7.95 a quarter ($2.65/month) - easy to upgrade VPS from a Breeze VPS Control Panel

CPU Cores: 1
Disk Space:  20GB
RAM:  768MB
vSwap: 768MB
Bandwidth:  500GB
IPv4:  1

10 locations around the world
Intel Xeon CPUs
1Gbps Uplink
OpenVZ Powered
RAID 10 Redundant Storage
HDD, SAS, SSD-Cached or Pure SSD
ARIN, APNIC or RIPE allocated IP addresses 
HostUS Network

Looking Glass (for testing ISP speed):

Available Add Ons:

Additional IPv4 - $1.5/m
WHMCS Starter - $9/m
WHMCS Plus - $12/m
cPanel License - $12/m

Terms and Conditions of Hosting:

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