Can Tor be still trusted?
does tor really secure your internet traffic lets say they compromise the exit node and track back all the ones before leading to your initial ip address
You answered your own question with the last sentence of your initial post.

Among FBI/CIA/NSA and other agency operated nodes there are fatal flaw surfacing from time to time that can dismantle the anonymity of a user with one click.
I trust it, it still is better to be behind 7 IP addresses rather than 1 and the FBI won't catch unless you do some really bad thing.
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I recently read an article about Tor's exit nodes, as you said anyone who runs an exit node has access to all the info coming through.

Just to quote this article:

Quote:Tor is a fine security project and an excellent component in a strategy of defence in depth but it isn’t (sadly) a cloak of invisibility.

Exit nodes, just like fake Wi-Fi hotspots, are an easy and tempting way for attackers to silently insert themselves into a network.

By running an exit node they can sit there as an invisible man-in-the-middle on a system that people choose when they want extra privacy and security.

When traffic emerges from an exit node, its origin is well concealed but the data itself is outside the protective umbrella of Tor’s encryption.

So if you’re using Tor to add an extra layer of security on top of your email, web or instant messaging, remember that it’s exactly that, an extra layer on top of the HTTPS or STARTLS you’d be using anyway – and not a substitute
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True, one should always use services with HTTPS, as now there is no excuse for people to not implement HTTPS after Lets Encrypt has provided people with free certificates.
As anybody on exit nodes or your VPN provider can find about the sites as well as the data you send to and receive from the service if you use HTTP, but only the address is available to the owner of the server if one is using HTTPS as everything else including the form data as well as the username password are encrypted between the service and you.

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