Are free VPN services dangerous?
we are usually attracted to free things but free vpn doesn't  cut it for me since anyone can start a free vpn service and if you are using one chances are it is owned by the same people you should be protecting yourself from
To be honest one shouldn't consider all the free VPNs bad just because some provider(s) are doing nasty things with their service.
There might be actually some legit providers out there, who do not track&share your personal info here and there, it is up to you to choose the right one.
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Better solution is fund a free vps like here and run your own private vpn. That's better.than using something not so secure.
I think using free VPN for casual browsing is still fine.

But never fully trust any free VPN service provider.

For example, never use it for banking, credit card or any sensitive information. Always use with care.
Not all but you can install a antivirus software
and dont trust any app
i recommend avast
and HotSpot Sheild Vpn if you want
Antivirus won't do anywork "Avast" anti-virus slows down your pc and than shows to Your PC is infected.
Actually, We can never trust any free vpn. but for normal browsing like youtube other forums it is fine but never for any type of payment or something. As turbo mentioned. Just make a private VPN.
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I suggest that if you want to use free VPN you better use tor network.

Free VPN:
- Very slow internet connection speed.
- Less security.
- Possible man in the middle attack.
- You have a chance to be tracked.

Tor network:
- Acceptable slow internet connection speed.
- High security; everything encrypted.
- 100% no man in the middle attack and no tracking.
- Trusted by many people around the world.
I don't consider them to be dangerous (just don't put credit card information there)

They are just slow (because free stuff attracts a lot of people Smile )
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I think tor is for protecting is good enough. If you are using free VPN service then you must consider some reaputed vpn provider . They give some grate(50 gb free) per month offer. I use windscribe, because I use local wifi to access internet which is really bad security.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
It depends on the provider. Look at the history of provider, look at the reviews of provider. Moreover if they save your logs then this is something you shouldn't go with. The perfect solution would be to spend some money, or even get a free vps from here and make a private VPN which is much secure.

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