Help in choosing color combinations for web desgin
I am more than halfway through learning HTML & CSS, but my color combinations suck !.

I have a good design of the website in mind, but I always fail with the colors Sad

Any guidelines on how I should think like a designer ?
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I think was something I've used in the past. There are plenty of tools to help you with this. But in the end, your tastes and experience are the ones that wil be the deciding factor.
Someone recommended this site ( before to generate color palettes.
As said by SLC, it still depends on your tastes
If you like the google design style, they have their own style documentation online.

Visit the website and watch the video, your websites will look 10x better Smile
Probably also good to decide which visitors you want to attract as color selection seems to be a factor in helping that. If they are younger, apparently they will like dark colors and dislike light colors and if older the other way round. There's some psychology involved as well - if you Google it you will find some info on it. Here are two links for starters:
Adobe has a color wheel tool that shows colors that work together depending on a base color you choose.

Check it out:

Be sure to check the different modes! There you can switch around to see which different colors work together.

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