What will happen if I upload 1TB to hosting with unlimited disk space?
What will happen if I upload 1TB to hosting with unlimited disk space?

There are many hosting that offer unlimited disk space for example hostinger, hostgator, and many more.

As I know that everything is limited; unlimited thing is not real in this world, so I want to know if I upload a large amount of file to unlimited disk space hosting what will be happen?

I think that hosting company will suspend my website.
They'll just find a BS reason to suspend your account. Assuming you'll even get one.

Some of them are likely to even impose a file size limit and file count limit. Thus, defeating the purpose of "unlimited". And pretty much impossible to be a true statement when both are in effect.

Either way, that's a straight up lie and they'll just suspend your account for some BS reason or none at all. Like getting out of your bed with your left foot instead of your right hand Smile (<- that was meant to be absurd. because their reason will be the same)
True, all the services that promote unlimited disk space are never unlimited, unless you are paying price for every gigabyte or so, as nothing is unlimited.
Take the case of the unlimited service by AWS a while back, even they have to suspend their unlimited storage service after someone accused the service by storing a lot of data.
Hence after some limit that there have imposed internally, they will suspend your service and refer to some ToS or something like that.

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