Ubuntu 16.04 - Full VestaCP Installation Tutorial (+email DNS!)
(2018-03-20, 6:53:08 am)pjay Wrote:  Thank you for a very detailed tutorial sir @xXAndrew28Xx

I have followed everything and it seems fine
except https://panel.mydomain.co/phpmyadmin returns 404.

How can I fix this?

There must be something wrong with your installation as I haven't had any issues with phpmyadmin in ages.  Have you added a database first before you tried phpmyadmin?  After your installation you need to add a database first, then check your phpmyadmin.  When you do, remember your user name is always "root" and the password is the original one you set your VestaCP up with.  Otherwise you need to look for these in:

Here are some solutions that were recommended quite a while ago by the Admin of VestaCP when there were configuration issues, however I'm not sure it will apply to you.  You can check through it however:

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