ZXPlay/ZXHost Termination Notice
(2018-01-13, 7:06:37 pm)Chomtana Wrote:  Now, highest performance VPS go to GalaxyHostPlus.

For me GalaxyHostPlus has always been my favourite among the VPSs.  It is the most reliable performer in everything that matters to me in a VPS host.  What impresses me is GalaxyHostPlus's involvement in the FreeVPS Forum - like personally answering inquiries at FreeVPS.  I remember when I joined FreeVPS in February 2016 that there had been a bug in Virtualizor at GalaxyHostPlus and how hard he had worked to fix the problem himself, and also the care with which he made sure that everyone was up to date here at FreeVPS with what was going on - not only the staff but all of the members and we didn't have to wait for updates either.  The way he did it he must have known too that he had us in his corner.  I could have gone for the huge specs of ZX|Host if I wanted to but preferred  the reliable and excellent performance of GalaxyHostPlus VPSs.  Doesn't take away the wonderful years ZX|Host VPS owners at FreeVPS must have had as there are some great reviews in the FreeVPS review section.  But for me GalaxyHostPlus has always been more visible and a host I'd like to support in every way I can.

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