Preferred Virtualization For Newbie
AS a new user I have started with openvz and still using that is. I think that is easy enough for beginners. And with KVM you need basic knowledge of linux.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
(2018-01-31, 5:18:27 pm)ALPANAWEB Wrote:  And with KVM you need basic knowledge of linux.

You always need basic knowledge of Linux to work with it. KVM requires advanced knowledge because it is like a real computer and thus things work differently than on OpenVZ. Tasks such as configuring the network and etc are different on KVM as opposed to OpenVZ.
I want to say that it depends on what you want to do. That is do you want to learn about the different types of virtualization and where which one should be used hence want to deploy a lot of Virtual Machines running critcal applications, or just want to play with some Virtual Machines so as to get to know about different operating systems or to make a disposable place where installing malware or other virus accidently will not hurt your computer, without messing about with the boot sequence and partitioning the disk.

If it's the latter then I would recommend VMware Workstation Player or VirtualBox as both are beginner friendly and are easy to set up as well as you can find many guides online as well.
For a total newbie vps is not suitable . If you are comfortable with one type of virtualization it's very much possible to learn the other
Well if you are a newbie then VPS hosting is not apt to host your website or application, as VPS hosting is expensive. Hence for a newbie shared hosting is the optimal web hosting solution. If at all you want to opt VPS hosting service then OpenVZ is the best to choose as it is the affordable virtualization technology.

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