Termination of sponsorship - GalaxyHostPlus
It's really really sad to see a big sponsor of FreeVPS is going. Wonder what would be the reason,
I guess FreeVPS should start finding more sponsors.
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I guess we're stuck with small VPSs like in 2014 Sad

(Well, we still have 2GB ram VPS. But still)
Really sad, another sponsor lost.
I wish GHP best of luck in all their future endeavors.
Sadly I will be losing my VPS 9 so soon. (Been using it for like 2 months now)
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Wow this is totally unexpected blow for Freevps.us. I don't think anyone had seen that coming. We are keep loosing all our good sponsors and I don't remember last time we got a new sponsor. : ( Best of luck for the provider and grateful for providing all those great servers till now.
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I am a bit shocked about this termination. Looking back to my record, I have my VPS 5 from freevps for almost 2 years. Now it is going to an end. Very bad news indeed.

Even worse is that my VPS 5 is down today. Cannot boot from the control panel too, with the error "The operation could not be completed". @Ignis can you please help with this, because if this error continues I am afraid I may not be able to do the backup before the deadline?

EDIT: VPS back online one day later.
Really disappointing that GalaxyHostPlus is also leaving us, they were a really good company to host with. Now with ZXHost leaving due to the corrupted containers, hardly anything's left over. Hoping no other sponsor leaves us, otherwise there might not be enough containers for everyone to even have one at least!
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

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Oh Bad. It's very sad to hear. FreeVPS losing another great sponsor . I hope FreeVPS will get more sponsors very soon.
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Well ... this is getting poor ... you will need to implement drastic measures to realize what has failed.
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I was hoping to continue my VPS 9, but looks as though that will not be happening any longer. I did write to the owner who responded positively within a few hours saying he'll come back the next day with a quote. That was on 14 January - there hasn't been a communication after that. At any rate, I've since reinstated my HostUS VPS and am more than happy with the experience.

I'll empty VPS 9 before the due date on 20 January. Again, many thanks for a brilliant experience with the temporary loan of both VPS 27 and VPS 9. This is most appreciated.

Definitely sad, but I guess the tightening of the low end market has constricted their available funds.
Now that I have a couple KVMs and a plethora of OVZs, it's likely that I won't get another VPS here. That being said, I'd still be active whenever I can.
"That but this blow
Might be the be-all and the end-all here,
But here, upon this bank and shoal of time,
We'ld jump the life to come."

-- William Shakespeare

Rest in peace, FreeVPS. The forum will be sorely missed.

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