iPhone's battery debacle
@Conan  I've just done some research, and apparently this is universal advice - not to charge batteries to 100%.  Batteries seem to get warmer after 80%.  I now understand why the ipad I had on loan was set to 85% charge instead of 100%.

Quote:Lithium ion batteries (the type used in most modern electronics) start to lose their ability to hold a charge over time, and the two biggest factors that contribute to this are excess heat and overcharging.

In a cruel twist of fate, the act of charging your phone's battery causes it to heat up, and topping it off to 100% charge contributes to reduced capacity over time. To be more specific, ResearchGate found that charging a battery to only 85% yielded a longer lifespan than charging to the full 100%. This is not even getting into the whole Note7 exploding battery fiasco — which, by the way, Samsung once tried to remedy by issuing an update that limited the phone's battery to 60 percent.
Source:  https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/s...r-0176280/

The link below is specifically for ipad or iphone. 

(2018-03-30, 11:20:22 pm)deanhills Wrote:  Since you're an expert.  Maybe you could explain the reason for an iPad that had me puzzled when I had it on loan two years ago.  Not sure which one it was, it was a Mini 4 I think - it was set up to only charge to 80% or not sure whether it was 85% but it was in that region.  I was wondering why not 100% and then used the settings to change it to 100%.  But now get it that that setting for 80 or 85% was obviously because the battery may have overheated then and it was set to those charge levels by default?  Maybe Apple knew about the problem? Is this still the case?  Like if one had an iphone or ipad would it be better to not charge the battery to 100%?

I'm not an expert on iOS devices lmao. I don't even own an iOS device (there's an iPad mini 1 in the family but I don't really use it). Regarding the 80% charge, there are some theories that not charging to 100% but stopping at 80% and 85% may improve the battery's lifespan. I'm not sure how true that is but I set my laptop to charge until 80% via some OEM-provided software (I don't remember the exact details).
Actually every battery will drain after 100% percentage charging. So, it's wise to remove the charging port after the charging is completed which you can get notified. If you charge too much, the battery will drain faster and eventually die.
iOS doesn’t have an option to limit the charge level. (Which you said the iPad you used has)

and yes, charging between 20-80% is better for the battery.

If your phone is a good quality phone, I’m pretty sure it cuts off the charging by itself. Even cheap charging ICs will have overcharging protection.

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