What is Managing of a server called(what is the terminology)?
Like for web development we know that its called Web Dev and technologies used are HTML & CSS, text/code editor 

What's the terminology of managing a server and working with it called, What should I learn ?
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Terminology is not always fixed, it depends on the organisation. However generally it's called a Systems Administrator as far as I know. Here's an article that I found by Googling the subject:

A Systems Administrator or a Systems Engineer is responsible for on-site server maintenance.

And on the topic of what you should learn, I would first suggest getting a relevant degree since I assume you are looking to make a career or get a job doing server maintenance. Get a relevant Engineering degree and learn how to work with various Linux OS like RedHat, CentOS,etc. Get some decent experience in programming so you can write your own scripts to automate some boring stuff.

All of this if you have not started anywhere will take around 4 years.
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System Operator is another term. Information technology deals with managing huge server farms and data centers. Its not a bad carrier but you would need lots of experience (10+ Years) to make big money (100k Yearly).
I am not sure if any term is given, but what most i have heard is of "SysAdmin". When they are looking for freelancers, they mostly mention that they need sysadmin.

It depends and very with your customer. If your customer is well tech sounded then your can tell the only role you play. Other wise just use System Engineer is well enough. I have to explain to my client sometime for 10min what I exactly do. So now I just tell them my roles and they don't ask much.
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(2018-01-26, 7:40:59 pm)Lampard Wrote:  I am not sure if any term is given, but what most i have heard is of "SysAdmin". When they are looking for freelancers, they mostly mention that they need sysadmin.

I would agree with you on this one... I've heard SysAdmin the most as well. I find that title a lot at just descriptions and such.
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As far as I know its called SysAdmin in short or System Administrator or Network Administrator.
A fairly good definition of the work that a System Administrator does can be found out by searching - Silicon Valley Network Administrator in YouTube.
SysAdmin, Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, or as I am lovingly called in my workplace "THAT COMPUTER GEEK" My geekiness is well known and much loved Cheese
Managing the server means running some tasks and services on server. Which can be like:

-Configuration and Setup the required services and softwares.
-Monitoring the server and applications on it. Checking for issues, status and uptime.
-Updating the server and installed softwares on it.
-Other services which required as per server.

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