[ACCEPTED] Animated Skype emoticons are a CPU killer
Hello there

I would like to report a serious issue related to massive CPU usage and application slowdown with the currently used animated Skype emoticons on this forum.

Despite having the forum editor in source mode (which disables HTML markup and other fancy Javascript stuff) and also having disabled the MyCode formatting options the emoticons are still appearing when editing posts in full mode and similar.

Whenever I open a view where the emoticons are loaded they cause massive CPU usage and slowdown the browser so much that editing the post/thread is hard. The situation gets even worse when the post/thread you want to edit has a lot of information in it.

Using Chromium 63.0.3239.132 64 Bit (not Chrome) on Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 LTSB with a i5-6500, 16 GB RAM, browser running from a Samsung M2 SSD and an AMD RX 460 working on the graphic rendering and etc.

Not that this would probably bother anyone (or else this would have been reported before, right?) but it actually is quite annoying.
I never saw a point for the animated emoticons in the first place tbh...
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I remember having this issue a while back too https://freevps.us/thread-20380.html

When you have more of them on screen it tends to get quite heavy on the CPU.

Oh, right. I have totally forgot this thread. It probably went down under other threads.

I honestly think something needs to be done. This is worse than Monero on website to be honest in terms of CPU usage and massive lag and we're just talking about some animated images and not complex hash calculations.

I still am for minimal emoticons like: http://simplesmileys.org/ Cheese
I don't see any use for the animated emoticons either. They're nice to have, but if they have such a negative effect on CPU usage it may be better to let go of them. Are all the animated emoticons the same - like would there be emoticons that could have less negative effect on CPU usage or are they all the same? I'm thinking of the original emoticons that came with myBB or Koloboks.

By the way - I've got an animated gif in my signature bloc. Would that be a problem too? Should I remove it?
I don't even know what are these Skype animated emotions. I rarely use smileys. I use Google Chrome on phone for posting and haven't noticed any slowness so far. But I agree with the fact Animated emotions are not something we need.
i rarely use full mode to edit for this reason. but my pc was a prehistoric one. so i attributed the problem to that.

animated ones are cool. but may be they could hide it under a button or something . why load it on the left pane always. very bad..

i guess im all in favor of getting rid of them .
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If the issue is related to multiple animated emoticons in a single post, why don't put a limit to how many emoticons can be used in a post? That might solve the issue while keeping the emoticons enabled (not like i care if they are removed)
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I too am in favor of removing the animated emoticons. For their limited usefulness, the heavy CPU usage doesn't justify it at all.  

There are already emojis in fonts so I don't think we need any external emoticon package either.

🏃 🚣🗽

That said, a lot of the more uncommon emojis show as boxes on Chromium-based browsers on Windows whereas Firefox can handle them well due to differences in renderer (don't remember the details and don't remember how it is on Linux/Mac). But common ones would most likely render fine 😉.

There are not easy to type on computers though. I usually just copy from sites like https://getemoji.com. Perhaps some custom bbcode can be added to map a few of the common ones to simple character sequences.
Hmm, I support this move also but I have never seen those skype emojis, and I don't typically use them since they are not really that relevant to a forum discussion. They can be used in chats but I think forum has a more serious feeling to it than the chat.

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