Your Favourite Gaming Console ?
Hey guys, just wanted to know which gaming console is your favourite. It can from any manufacturer, but you can only state one favourite (no multiple choices)

Also state a reason for choosing the console as your favourite

I will start:

spent too much time on this console, the time may as well go beyond my time spent on all other consoles altogether Tounge
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ps4 is my favorite. Well simply because I love Sony and their build quality is awesome. Well you can say I am a sony fan.
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Currently, my favorite is the Switch. While it does not have many games out right now, the capabilities this system has is tremendous. Playing Legend of Zelda BOTW and Mario Odyssey have been the highlights with this device.
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PS4, Due to some games. Like The last of us and others.
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PS4 and PSP are my favorite game console.
But maybe I will add PS 1 as my favorite game console too, because ps 1 have so many cool games.
Haven't used any other consoles, just an xBox 360, which is my favorite at the moment.
PS4 and xBOX 360 is my aspiration because it is comfortable for most of high-quality games.Don Bradman Cricket and Last Of Us games that can be played on xBOX360 and PS4 consoles.
I don't know about other consoles whether they are good or bad when comparing to XBOX and PS4.
I don't own any console. I play games on my android Mobile.
But i like Xbox because of its price range.
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I don't own any consoles myself either, I typically just use my computer whenever I like to play a game or two. Console games are way too expensive most of the time...
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I prefer sony PS4. It is another good and awesome and not come with that ms like adapters or addons. Well its a bias choice because I prefer sony over any other company for electronics goods.

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