TeamSpeak3 DDoS!
Hi there,
I'm running a teamspeak3 server, And many communities are trying to ddos reason my rank of teamspeak3 server just went from 8000 to 1100 in only few days. They are attacking on my Main IP. It's a VPS from OVH.
What i can do to hide my main teamspeak3 IP?
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I guess there is no way to "hide" your IP. Even when you're giving your domain for TS3 server, they can still check out the IP address of your VPS. (I've checked mine, and it's showing me my VPS IP address).

Some suggest from me, maybe you should try to ban an IP if they're ddosing your VPS IP. It should be better.
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They are Flooding my VPS. They directly attack on my VPS. Not any type of crasher or something like god zilla.
Like cloudflare we can hide the website direct ip ? Is there any way we can do like that?
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Thought of a GRE tunnel with a IP/VPS on Voxility network or another network that offers a lot of volume for DDoS protection and advanced techniques. You would setup a tunnel between your OVH VPS and the VPS/IP on the other network and with the firewall (you have to set it up) would direct all traffic of TeamSpeak³ through the whole GRE tunnel.

Or whatever. Just ban all IP addresses that flood your server. Or introduce a ratelimit.
(2018-01-31, 11:02:22 pm)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  Or whatever. Just ban all IP addresses that flood your server. Or introduce a ratelimit.

This. OVH provides a page for you to edit the firewall rules going to your server.

They’re designed for this purpose — blocking ranges, GRE tunnels, etc.
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Why do you need a rank for your Teamspeak server anyway? One way to protecting your server is simply opting out of be placed on the server list. Simply disable public reporting and random people can't find your server and do whatever to it.
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