[IMPORTANT] State of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion and it's future
(2018-02-03, 8:17:28 pm)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  Hello @doghouch

That are some great news! Good to hear that anyNode is also giving green light for a service migration. One more thing though Wink .

I really appreciate your help.

Just a note to anyone who wishes to move their VPS 18 to anyNode: you will have to switch to a SSD KVM. OpenVZ plans are no longer available unless you’re a legacy customer with a VZ plan.
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Really sad to see this information, hope we can find a few new sponsors soon and I can see HR again as administrator.
@Hidden Refuge Everything has been moved over. The old VPS has been destroyed -- thanks to FreeVPS for everything during the past three years!
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I really don't know what will happen anymore. 2018 hit us very hard. FreeVPS was going very well with VPSs and a dedicated server since I joined. I never expected FreeVPS to ever come into a situation like we are facing today.

All VPSs I ever gotten were terminated VPS 14, VPS 2, VPS 18 etc. I don't even have a VPS right now. I just didn't expect VPS 18 to ever get terminated.

Even though I kept backing up my data and recovering every single time I finally moved to a paid dedicated server. I never expected VPS 2 to get terminated (I worked so hard on it with lots of stuff) so when it was terminated I couldn't bother relying on a free VPS anymore.

Hopefully I will be able to get a new VPS soon when FreeVPS recovers.

Good luck to all of you!
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I would like to share a few status updates regarding this situation and what we are doing to improve the service.

In order to gain new sponsors and keep existing sponsors we are working a few things out:

a) We are expanding the rewards for existing and new sponsors by providing direct advertising for the sponsoring company through advertising banners in the forum header (using a banner rotation script) and a new dedicated advertising forum where sponsors can post all the offers they wish. The banners will link to the advertising forum thus directing guests, visitors and members to all the great sponsor offers.
b) You can help us, too. We're welcoming additional suggestions about rewards for sponsors and how to gain new sponsors and everyone to help us finding new sponsors by contacting providers and explaining them about who and what we are/what we do. On a voluntary basis.
c) Of course we're also working on getting new sponsors onboard and will publish a "looking for sponsors" letter to wake up interests of hosting providers. At the moment we have a draft that is being worked on to make the final letter.

In addition to the above mentioned points we're also working on the site to make it better and more appealing.

a) We're doing a cleanup on our instaalled plugins to reduce resource usage, increase performance and get rid of no longer used plugins. And while doing this we're also fixing bugs we discover.
b) A new theme is necessary to make this place nicer and more modern. So we're looking for a modern and fully responsive theme - willing to buy a premium theme that fits our needs and can be easily modified to integrate our used plugins and special pages.
c) Planning and simulating a move to a newer and stronger server with a new web stack made out of Debian "Stretch" 9, the latest Nginx stable version, PHP 7.0 (we know that newer versions exist but MyBB and plugins aren't all fully compatible with PHP 7.x) and MariaDB 10 instead of MySQL. All this while we're reducing operation costs to less than $50 a year. It is not secret that we will most likely use a Hetzner CX11 cloud VPS.
d) Again we welcome other new and useful additions and changes.

The whole process has started off right when we were informed about the situation. Plans have been made instantly and are being worked out. It takes time and we cannot give an ETA for when everything will be finalized. Hoping and doing our best to improve the situation Smile .

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