[IMPORTANT] State of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion and it's future
Update from 4th Feb 2018:

Please backup your VPS 18 as fast and as soon as possible. The deadline for VPS termination is the 25th February 2018!

Dear Members of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion,

Unfortunately we have a very unusual announcement to make. In addition to all the past events that happened during the past weeks, we have been contacted by the owner of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion @dmmcintyre3 about the financial situation of the forum.
Due to personal circumstances, he will no longer be able to support the forum.

FreeVPS Directory and Discussion costs more than most might expect to run. Around $1300 USD per year, to be precise. Around $1200 of this is the VPS 18s we pay for. Without ads, this is outside our ability to pay. For this reason we will be terminating all paid VPS 18s.

As sad as this loss may be, loosing the wealth of knowledge contained in FreeVPS would be a far worse loss. Thankfully, this is a loss that should not have to occur. Due to the generosity of several FreeVPS Staff Members, the site will continue to function.

For sustainability reasons, we will eventually implement ads again. We also have several ideas on how to improve the site in the works. Although this has been a rough past few months for us, we are not going away any time soon.

We will keep you updated with any news we have. We remain open to any questions you have. You can ask them directly on this thread. FreeVPS Directory & Discussion has been a strong going community and providing VPSs since 2010. We plan to continue providing VPSs for many years to come.

Staff and Administration
FreeVPS Directory & Discussion
so we should backup data from our vps 18????????????/
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It's really sad. ;(

But VPS 18 (openVZ,  512MB RAM) with $3.6 monthly price was very heavily overpriced in 2018.

I really hope that this is not the end and FVPS can find new great sponsors as were ZXHost and GalaxyHostPlust.

Yes, it's recommended.
Ah really sad to see this happen but honestly looking at the current state of the market it's no surprise.

Atleast the website will still continue to function so there is that.
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I was actually wondering just now how long will FreeVPS will be able to maintain VPS 18s without ads (I disable my adblocker here and I don't see ads)

Sad to see it go. (I just recently got it)

I'm also glad to hear that FVPS will continue to run. I hope it runs for a lot longer in the future Smile
you mean that every cloud giants like google cloud , aws, microsoft azure ,cause this problem ? . because past years we know
that cloud computing increase and everyone interested to move on to it . also now cheaper than vps . most vps are now not using in
freevps . may be that also a problem . cheap cloud vps giveaway attract more peoples i think . may be thats improve freevps
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Thank you for your great service . For many years am here Forever . Vps   Fuzzyhost Thank you  and Freevps Thank you  :bashful:  :cute:

I'm totally goose pimples at what the staff are doing.  That is AWESOME!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

I'm VERY SAD at the news about the VPS 18s, although realistically that must of been on the cards for a great while - like it was bound to happen sooner or later.  I'm very happy however that the staff are continuing FreeVPS Forum.  It's an amazing Forum.  Just the sections about how to find low cost VPSs in its own right is worth it.  It's how I found my low cost HostUS VPS which I can well recommend to others.  I've been happy with their services from approx March 2016 to date.  For those who are closer to Europe the low cost VPSs have very fast locations in London and Amsterdam in addition to their US locations at no extra cost.  Would be awesome if GalaxyHostPlus could also make low cost VPSs as not every one of us really need Rolls Royce specs.  So who knows, why don't we go that route instead?  Become a Forum for sourcing low cost quality VPS hosts?  In addition to the very high quality tutorials we've had so far.  

Again many thanks to all of the staff for keeping FreeVPS.us alive.  Also thanks to @dmmcintyre3 for carrying us such a long time.  His personal sponsorship is of course much appreciated.  I'm also in total admiration of his Giveaway Competition idea, and more so the great quality of his tutorials from the beginning of time.  Hope he will still be part of the new freeVPS.us fork.
Thank you for keeping the service up, of course it is sad seeing another VPS going away but i understand the reason.
Ads are very well welcomed for this kind of sites, my ADBlock is already paused for this site since I registered here.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

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For the sake of trasparency let me break down the costs of running FreeVPS Directory & Discussion for a year.

~ $1.200 USD+ per year for VPS 18s and their support/addons
~ $75 USD+ per year for hosting with SecureDragon
~ $20 USD per year for domains (freevps.us and fvps.us)
~ $1.295 USD+ every year

Up until the recent weeks the revenue from advertising was enough to pay for this but now in the new year 2018 this isn't the case anymore. Hence why @dmmcintyre3 cannot longer take care of the costs.
$1200 is a huge amount for such resources of vpses now days . I wonder if you could be able to look into now days market you would get vay cheaper vpses than those and that also if you buy in bulk.

Anyways I guess the admin of the forum has really done a great job in past. Hope everything fixes very soon.

Btw I was one of the VPS 18 users and looks like Sad news for me Sad so when would our VPSs would be terminated (any official date ?).
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