Hi Guest - login link not working for me
Looks as though the "Hi Guest" link for opening up the sub menu of links for logging in and managing the user account is dead for me. I tried both Firefox and Chrome.

I used a random page link to freevps.us to log in. The "Hi, deanhills" link with the "settings" icon next to it is still dead. All of the other links from "VPS Info ..." on are OK. It's only that one link that doesn't work for me. The most important one.
The theme "FreeVPS New" which is based on "MyBB Pro" has been disabled due to massive issues with general MyBB updates, plugins and compatibility to Javascript & CSS code changes. We will no longer support it.

While we're working on a brand new forum theme that is fully responsive the default theme will be "FreeVPS Old".
Haha .... thanks HR. That did feel weird - I must have just caught it in the process of changing it. I notice I'm now back in the default myBB template - actually miss the other one as I liked how the important links like the alerts, user panel etc were all together, but if the template had issues we obviously need to let go of it. Looking forward to the new forum theme.

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