one more giveaway manager.
Hello there,

As @Ignis seems to be busy. Don't you think that admins should select one more "active member as giveaway manager who can provision the VPS?

It will balance the loadwork?
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Well, @Optimus is also here. Don't forget him!
well to be honest, I dont seem him online much...... And neither see him on any post or discussion of sometype.
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well don't get mind, but only posting or spending time doesn't mean he is good staff. I mean in my team all of my teammates ask about who is lexer because mostly i talk about him even you can't find single post on forum nor his account he always help me behind the sense.

i think freevps don't need any other giveaway manager but @Optimus should start giveaway on time if @Ignis is busy.
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Yes Ignis is busy. But looking at giveaway announcements since he took over, the most was 3 days late (and some were deliberately announced on weekend so that everyone has a better chance). Considering that this is an unpaid position and involves unpaid VPS's, I'd say it's not bad at all. Assuming that this month's giveaway was intended to start on Friday/weekend, then it is on time as well.

If you need VPS's for business purposes or for something extremely time-sensitive, then ideally you should be looking at paid solutions. Post-for-VPS solutions tend to be less reliable because of changes in sponsorships - something of which we've seen a lot lately - and that the staff are doing this out of their own time.
currently we are not in a position to discuss about a new giveaway manager or any additional one. we are more concern about the migration of rather than the delay in the giveaway. And yes the staff been busy with other real life stuff my apology for this on behalf of the staff .About the giveaway i will do the necessary this evening after work.
Although I don't see a shortage of staff, or shortage of Admin these days, I do see where Abdul Sami is coming from.  There is a perceived shortage of energy surrounding the Giveaway Manager as well as a consistently slow turnaround in Giveaway VPS support requests.  Ignis has been honest since becoming the Giveaway Manager of his shortage of time. That has never changed and has been the situation from the very beginning.  Staff know that.  But sorry to say they seem to be pussyfooting around it trying not to step on one another's toes. If they're going to be successful with trying to get sponsors, maybe they need to sort this out first. 

I refer to the comments of a few days ago when I asked a very simple question that should have been easily answered - was there going to be a Giveaway on 15 February - yes/no.  Technically any of the staff, or at the minimum any of the Admin, should have been able to give a straight answer without any hesitation.  Better yet, for me logically, especially given the low morale and low number of posts in the Forum, there should have been an announcement a couple or more days before the Giveaway date anticipating the need for knowing and drumming up some much needed hope and enthusiasm.  The opportunity had been there and obviously completely missed.  If the Admin didn't know when the Giveaway was going to be, how can you say that Optimus is backing Ignis up?  I also agree with Abdul Sami that I don't see much of Optimus.  That is also consistently the case - not by way of an exception.  So that too is an indication that something needs to be done to reorganize the Giveaway Manager role, whether there are VPSs to be given or not.  It's energy like that which is going to be important to attract new sponsors. If Ignis and Optimus have time constraints, they don't need to do the work. They shouldn't be made to feel guilty about doing the job. They can stay as Admin, but you have some really great members who can help shoulder the load as well.  Maybe now is the time to sort all of that out.

My suggestion is still SLC for Giveaway Manager. Ignis is a better Moderator and a greater diplomat anyway and would be excellent as a Forum Manager and Administrator.  I'm almost certain you're going to see more of Ignis when he is doing something that he is more suited for and he can naturally be relaxed in because he is naturally good at it.  SLC is a better technical VPS Admin.  His above average technical posts are all a testimony to that. His technical communications are impeccable and I'm continuously learning and blown away by those at the same time. I also see him present continuously - doesn't say he has time to waste of course, but I'm sure he is of the kind who can zip through Admin support requests instantly because it is something he is passionately interested in. He'd be the right person for the right task.

Hopefully staff can be more cohesive as well and not operate separately like they are perceived to be doing right now.  Trying to not meddle in one another's affairs, whereas that is exactly what is called for right now. A ruthless meddling in one another's affairs so that they can take responsibility and add energy to that responsibility where it is called for, regardless of who is doing it.  FreeVPS must be the biggest consideration now.  Matching the right staff for that which he is most suited for and has time to give should be the highest priority now.
I see your point @deanhills, Everyone have jobs or personal works to do, You are also right that Ignis is honest about his life. But If a well-known and active member join in helping with the provisioning the VPS, This might balance the load between all admins
When Hidden Refuge and cw1998 use to provision VPS. They use to give the VPS at the very exact day of they mention in the thread.
Ignis is one of the great and a strict moderator. My suggestion is also SLC as the giveaway manager!

@Optimus, Can you please explain Migration Of FreeVPS.US, this got me confused.

Actually, For past few months the giveaway are been kinda delayed. Optimus, I think this should be added to the to-do list for better future of when Hidden Refuge and cw1998 were the giveaway manager there were no type of words of being delayed.
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Well in this give away there are only 13 VPS and unless we get more sponsors next month there will be lot less or none. There are about 20 VPS18 holders from next month they will be serverless too. So I don't think we will see many vps release back to pool. So at this rate we might not need give away managers at all apart from someone for name sake.

I don't think it's a big issue now but if SLC is willing do to it why not have 2 mods for that job. It won't be a big job in future for now after all there won't be dozens of servers to create and give.
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Alright, this entire thread is slightly irking me the wrong way. Maybe it's the way some of the criticism is worded, as @Optimus "should" do absolutely nothing, since he is a volunteer here in his spare time and not a paid staff member that can be bossed around. Whatever he, or any of us do is for us to decide.

FreeVPS has been around for nearly 8 years now, having given free VPSs away for the entire 8 years. I've been here for over 7 of those 8 years, joining back when a free VPS with 256MB burst RAM was considered a big deal. I've seen sponsors come and go, seen the VPS pool get smaller and bigger again, but every single month, we delivered a giveaway. And trust me, if you think the current delays are bad, you haven't seen the old delays.

Are there things you can fault us for? Sure! FreeVPS, like any community, isn't perfect. But we've always been reliable in delivering you your giveaways and VPSs. Hell, even when we were being taken over by an Australian scammer who proudly boasted about his DJ beats on a dating site (oh, Grant!) while sporting a grasp of the English language that can only be described as "my 9-month niece speaks it better and she can't even speak", we delivered you your virtual servers and gave out advice when the guy was exposed as a scammer.

All of us are volunteers, doing this in our spare time. We work pretty damn hard, too. In our spare time, we're also working on other parts of the site. There's a new theme coming that needs an insane amount of customization, we're soon migrating all posts to a completely fresh installation of MyBB, and of course there's the current troubles with our site. Sometimes, real life catches up. This is a community that you're a member of, not a company that you're a customer of. We're here to keep things running, not to serve at your pleasure and deliver things "on time" for you. We've braved scammers, lawyers (seriously), and boatloads of spammers. You'll get your VPS.

So, sit back, chill out, relax, put on some tunes or go watch some anime or Netflix. Maybe chill with that Netflix while you're at it. Then come back here to talk about what you just watched and maybe grab a VPS along the way if we're running a giveaway.
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