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 Proximity.Host started back in 2016 with an aim to provide excellent service at a affordable price. We were previously known as AlphaHost. Our first aim was to provide free game servers! We still also provide free game servers till now. Our main aim of the company is to provide excellent and reliable service at a affordable price and for free, We want everybody to learn about the whole industry. 

✰ Free 500MB Shared Hosting For Life : 

  • 500MB SSD Disk Space.
  • 200 GB Bandwidth.
  • 100 Addon Domains.
  • 100 Sub-Domains.
  • 100 Email Adresses.
  • 100 FTP Account.
  • 100 SQL Databases.
  • Free cPanel.
  • Free SSL Certificates.
  • 24/7 Live chat/Forum/Ticket support.
  • BACKLINK to Proximity.Host is required.
  • Order Now!
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Every month, There will be an invoice sent to your mail, And admins will verify the backlink and then will approve the invoice. 


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You guys are back at it again? Dats good, last time my plan got cancelled
Added you on steam
Thank you HostUS and FreeVPS for a VPS15  Wink

How are you even getting the money to pay for WHMCS anyway? WHMCS licensing is so expensive.. But there are better free hosting providers out there, the one that Neq3host is providing me is great. Love it, doesn't go down often, and it just works, fast! Smile
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

Check out @coreyman's Free VPS Club for a free VPS with only 15 posts/month!
No waiting required to get a free VPS, just make posts and apply!
@adgod, I'm sorry if that happened, You can re register.

@IEpicDestroyer, Everyone was saying that Boxbilling is s-it etc. We switched to WHMCS.
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may i run wordpress website with this host ? how much ram for each shared host ?
is there any in and out cpu limit ?
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Thank you for your great service . For many years am here Forever . Vps   Fuzzyhost Thank you  and Freevps Thank you  :bashful:  :cute:

1024MB is assigned to each account. Yes, you may host wordpress. But please install WordFence plugin as well.

If you want this package, Please PM me!
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I like the idea how you give free hosting in exchange with backlinks.

This is certainly eye-catching for me because I have been looking for something like this.

However, free stuffs aren't free always. And, all the free web hosting providers got down while I was using them. So, I sticked to an old free web hosting provider which is good. I will love to sign up if that one is gone.
I never really understood the `for life` offers. Because that's a very ambiguous therm. After all, who's life are we talking about? The life of the host, the life of the owner of the host or the life or each client?

Because the first one is a realistic and reasonable thing. When the host dies your service dies, obviously. The second one is only realistic if you look at it from certain perspectives. Meaning, you're terminally i'll, you expect your bad luck to get you killed sometime soon... you're suicidal? Because I'm not sure you understand what `for life` actually means. This is your... what, 3'rd(ish) host since you registered here?

So we reach the third promise. Which let's be honest, it is scientifically unrealistic. Why? Because you'll always have new clients. Or at least expect to have. So unless you're an immortal that can offer this service to each client for their entire life. You cannot possibly use this therm here.

So what does `for life` actually mean here? Because in my book this falls into the false advertisement category. And let's not forget that this is a free service. Which means it cannot sustain itself.

And while this is just my personal rant here. I do feel (and have?) some responsibility to dismiss these claims.

You could've said `indefinite` and that would've been a more reasonable promise.
Require hosting for my college project, just for few days, can you accommodate, no vps on hand.
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#SaveFreeVPS for the future
Hello @LittleMaster.

I have send a message. Please take a look.
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