[SOLVED] Change VNC port
Currently using tightvnc on my server, and it's getting brute forced now and then. Where can I find the vncserver startup config file like the SSH? I tried the "vncserver -httpport" but I don't think it's the correct one
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It should be in /etc - most configuration files are found in /etc

This is for realvnc but may also contain helpful tips for the workings of the configuration files - refer section on configuration files:

If I were you, I'd install a panel like VestaCP that has security in place for bruteforce attacks. I'm using VestaCP and it comes with fail2ban security. It's also a very lightweight panel. You would then also be able to set up separate accounts for multi-user access.
Yea I solved it, it's the option "--rfbport port" or something like that.

I've seen vestacp before but the only problem is minimum requirements doesn't match Sad I have 10gb storage less
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Why do you care if you have long strong and good password ? You could just set rate limit using iptables. Personally i do not like using control panels and extra software for such. But that is just me. If you keep forgetting things cause you do a lot of different stuff then start taking notes like me Cheese

"--rfbport port" it is.

the "-httpport port" is for java browser clients [ they use http and normal clients use rfb].
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