Eternium - an indie RPG game I like
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Hello everyone,

 Eternium is a role playing sort of game i recently discovered and liking very much at the moment. Here is why in short..

1) F2P -- 

yes.. the best a free to play game could get. The devs and team need to eat too. So they have micro-transactions in-game. But they are absurdly over-valued and in-game items are much better than those available there. So the longer you play, the more you start accumulating awesome gear and things. You will literally have to be the loser son of sheikh Abdul to get reasonable advantage using money and keep it. I know how they exist in other games. But believe me.. they do not.. here.

 The only thing that may give some advantage is buying experience boosters during events which helps you spend less time to climb ranks and get the rewards.. but gears and forging can only be done if you understand how to do them properly. Even normal smart gaming can assure one reward or two during event if you discover how to optimize.. 

2) Items , lore and graphics is cool and it is kind of a way to let of some steam if you are in a dark mood for some reason. Like die die die you hordes of scums .. Tounge

3) You get lots and lots of premium in-game currency during game-play everyday. Again more than enough if you are smart and discover what is important and what not.

4) Strategy and optimization

There are multiple ways to do things in game and you will have fun working them out before others.

I like games where I am able to strategies and optimize to do better. I also like games which do not give insane advantage to paying players. Also do not like the games where old established players or guilds have huge amassed wealth and power which you can never hope to come close to.

Eve online . To me it is the best online game out there.. You can start a free account and complete the research available for free without playing. Then during an event you can play 1 - 2 hours daily for a month and get enough isk to go premium without real money. Then you can go the mining route and get enough afk isk to keep subbing and improving as long as you want... At least that is how it started to work for me. But i left during this one month daily play phase after i saw a huge build up of the top class ships which i wont be able to own even if i paid and played for like months. Would take years of immersed gaming.. naaah.. not me !

I tried other 4 - 5 known or less known games .. all touted as f2p but really p2w. They roll out one server everyday and almost none remains after a month or two..

What you may not like much -

One big cons for you might be the lack of a multiplayer option or in game market and social interactions. But the game is still under heavy development and from the work they have done already, I think it is going to go far.

 Here are few tips if you play it. 

1) Play on PC [ windows 10 app store ]. It is much better with keyboard controls. Though also available on android and iOS. Can even play in an emulator.

2) Start the game and buy the very cheap monthly plan which offers 100 premium currency every day for a month for the price of 2-3 cup of coffee. You also get 50-200 gems in game every day depending on how much you play.

3) Play with some effort during an event. Event hero is a new one you start. You will have loads of fun and get some cool items. No need to win top rewards. You will reap the benefits of double exp and exp boosters etc and have a top level hero in like 2 - 3 days if you play smart. Normally it will take you weeks to get there. After the event is done, you get to keep the hero if you do not fill up the two free slots already [ or delete one with 50 premium gem].

4) During this event open skill training slots with the gems and only use training time boosters after that. They work on all slots at the same time rate.

You will have an awesome toon in just 5 days. You can even feel like stop playing at this point. That will be an added advantage :Tounge ..

Have fun !!

PS. - I just noticed that after reading it you may think that me liking it heavily depends on me not spending a dime and still be able to do good. Yes, you are right !
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
Meh, would prefer r6s or rust or battlefield for pc. Might consider on my android but the page doesn't say anywhere"online multiplayer" on ps
Thank you HostUS and FreeVPS for a VPS15  Wink

wow,i think this game is very interesting..i will try it
thanks to hostigation for vps 18 this is great vps
spesial thank to Nevil , dmmcyntre,cw1998, all admin ,and all moderator    Cheese

thanks to hostigation for vps 18 this is great vps
spesial thank to Nevil , dmmcyntre,cw1998, all admin ,and all moderator    

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it is an under-development game. I mentioned above that it has no multiplayer component yet ! It is very good on android. On PC it becomes easier to use certain tricks to farm things.. you know ? repetitive tasks are bad. I do not have so much time.. ha ha ha :hint: :hint: :wink: :wink: .. you cheating dawwwwg Tounge

Thanks @Phera
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.

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