HostLease - Your New Free Hosting Provider
HostLease - is a Dutch hosting company and will start as a completely new free hosting. We provide you a great hosting experiences and we are understand that you are not waiting for simple resellers. We using our own servers. We understand that a lot of website has removed their free hosting. For us is the point at this moment to provide a full free webhosting company for you as client to get your great hosting experiences. When we have a lot of member then we will need help. We able to sponsor other communities by using backlinks to our website.

Rules By Signup:
1.) Use your real information: Name, Address, Country etc..
2.) Signup via Temporary Email or via Proxy/VPN will we close your account.
3.) Ordering multiple free hosting accounts are not allowed.
4.) By abuse our services are you agree that we will suspend your hosting account permanently.
5.) Do not create multi-accounts in WHMCS
6.) To get your account activated must you verified your email address. If this does not happend in 24h will your order deleted.

We review your order and if it's satisfies to our Terms Of Service, then it will be provisioned around 24/48 hours.
By violating our ToS will we suspend and terminate your account without any notice. Think careful by what you do.
HostLease cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage or any other that you might suffer by our server downtimes.

Hosting Plan (DEMO)
5GB Disk Space
50GB Bandwidth
Unlimited cPanel Features (FTP, Email etc...)
99% uptime
Self Managed Backups
Support is very limited (Tickets could be replied very delay but keep in mind that you using a free package so we will not provide you 30 minutes guaranteed response)
NOTE: If you do not follow our rules then will your order not accepted and any sending tickets will not answered.

ToS: - HostLease Netherlands
 Affordable Buget -> Shared -> Reseller & Dedicated Server
 Hardware RAID-10 Protected Storage SSD!
 Based in The Netherlands

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