worlds adrift - the unique persistent open world MMO
Hi everyone,
                  I recently came to know about improbable, the company that is revolutionizing the world of high end simulation. 

They are making huge simulations ranging from the entire backbone of the internet to a whole city with millions of people and facilities working realistically to recreate an image of the real. These are being used by companies and governments to model real systems in ever increasing detail and use that to determine how things turn up when the scale is too big. the effect of big numbers or mass behavior if you may.

They aim to create something akin to the Matrix. I know it sounds cheesy as hell. Probably just end up like the way all the hypes "that we are going to have our general AI in the next two decades" is going to. But just like the algorithms involved in the current fad in AI have found their uses in some certain class of problems involving assisted learning using huge data sets, SpatialOS, the product by improbable that makes all these huge simulations possible is being used by games too. 

These games are not like those sharded worlds we are used to. These are massive systems supporting thousands of simultaneous players and persistent and realistic worlds that mimic the real.

Worlds Adrift is first of such games and they are selling founders packs which seemed very cheap even in Indian standards :-)

I have not bought or played it yet and probably never going to. But this is for those people who love new amazing innovative games. May be you should buy one pack just for the fun and novelty of it !! 

here are the links.

buy packs -


Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.

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