[DISMISSED] Posting requirements during period of shortage of VPSs
Some of our members asked in the chat Forum whether there is a posting requirement when they don't have a VPS.  A member of staff answered and there is a common sense answer to it of course, but I still think that it would be a good idea for staff to issue some gentle guidelines as to what their general posting expectations are when there is a shortage of VPSs.
none is forcing anyone to post. not even when you own a vps. Also i guess the common sense answer can not dictate policy.

i don't think there should be guidelines on whether to post when you have no vps. lol

also too many guidelines increases the chance of each of them being ignored.... Tounge
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
The shortage of VPSs does not involve the fact that you do not have to reach your post goals, this should be enforced even more due to the lack of VPS to make more room for active members.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

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The guidelines are simple: if you have a VPS, you need to post. There is no guideline for when you don't have a VPS, so there's no requirement. This isn't rocket science.

Thank you for the suggestion, but I see no reason to implement this. With that, I'm closing this thread.
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