How do you get your Website to be mobile friendly?
I'd like to know what members do in general to make their Websites mobile phone/device friendly? 

1. Do you use mobile friendly web design, and if yes, what web design methods are you using? 

2. Are you more focused on designing for the phone or for desktop, or both when you are working on your design?

3. What tests do you apply to your Website to check whether it is mobile friendly?

4. If it is an old Website that you want to tweak into being mobile friendly, what tips can be given for making the old design work better with mobile devices (including phones and tablets)? Are there scripts available for doing this and which ones are you using?
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1. I try to. I tend to lean towards using Bootstrap for responsive sites so I would only need to write html once Happywide

2. Probably desktop. But I tend to test it on both just to make sure.

3. I use a few physical devices to check how it looks and manually check things. Or use Chrome's simulator. My sites tend to have a simple UI so I can't see the need of writing automated tests for the UI. Would be a waste of time since I tend to change things a lot.

4. IMHO, would be less time consuming to rewrite the whole thing to use a responsive framework.
i have a big stash of templates (html5, bootstrap f/w etc. some pawned ones too. sorry Tounge) that i use.

chrome developer tools or firefox one is the best for testing. my projects are usually small. so manual is all i know and care about.
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1.I use Bootstrap to create Mobile friendly website and also i use PHP lib called "serbanghita/Mobile-Detect" to optimize code based on mobile/pc like Removing ads etc...
2. I focus for both mobile and PC.
3. To test mobile website mostly i use my android phone and some times i use Firefox or Chrome Addons.
4. I think Bootstrap framework is good to convert old website to mobile friendly website.
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