Anyone got experience with Manjaro Linux latest release 17.0.2?
Tonight learned at another Forum about Manjaro Linux for the first time.  Apparently it's a "relatively" new user-friendly version of arch systems OS.  Anyone here at FreeVPS who has experience with Manjaro?  I Googled it and found a really good review about the latest release of Manjaro 17.0.2 with some installation tips:

If the review looks too long to read, the basics are all in this paragraph:

Quote:Final Words…
My biggest concern over Manjaro 17.0.2 KDE is the 50+ seconds of boot-up times. It’s a concern to me only because I can’t put my laptop computer to sleep due to that Focaltech touchpad issue. So when I take a break (say for about 20-30 minutes), I’m forced to keep the laptop turned ON. If its low on battery, then I’m forced to plug in the charger (yes I’m talking from the two weeks+ experience I’ve had so far with Manjaro). That said, even if you have a troublesome Focaltech touchpad, if you’re going to install it into an SSD then I guess it’s not much of a concern at ll anyway. Other than that, this is a gorgeous looking, responsive, power efficient and one of the stablest KDE distributions I’ve had used so far!

If you’re interested in taking it for a spin, then download it from here. If you want to dive into the community maintained, unofficial flavors, use this link. Oh! and one more thing. If there is no other way around it, you actually can install Manjaro into an LV using a community developed command-line based installer called ‘Manjaro Architect‘ (you’ll need a working internet connection). Good  luck guys & thank you for reading!

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