H1Z1 is now free to play
[Image: 23bc4855bd01cdb69f80d8830851e35707928e59.jpg]

The developer Daybreak made the announcement on March 8. Presumably it's to compete with Fortnite which is also free-to-play.

The game just came out of early access on Feb 28 and it was priced at $20 up until the announcement. And if you look at the comments, most of them are asking for a refund lmao.
Well, it's understandable that some wants refunds.
Some of them could've bought the game just before the announcement.

I myself kind of regret buying it lol.
But I guess it's fine since I got it for very cheap.

It's a dead game tho
Due to the popularity of Fornite being something like the "League of Legends" of Battle Royale's, i wouldn't be surprise if all the other Battle Royale games become F2P to gain more audience
ThayBreak Games is a far better name imo. Free2Play is bullshit tho. It's that free first taste of heroine you get from the friendly dealer. Smile)
So Say We All
I guess if the game is good and interesting then it can earn money, if not then forgot everything about earning money and give it away and ask for user experience. Well, I think that's what they are doing currently, developing another game learning from their failure.

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