[APRIL FOOLS] Introducing FreeVPS Premium
Agreed with @thirthy_speed  Got to be Apple Fool's day.  It's that ridiculous!  Happywide
Nice try but you made many flaws and that showing clearly that you are trying to fool us in advance Wink
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Great idea, I will surely be paying for a free VPS. (Although, for real, maybe make some "supporter" tier)
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(2018-03-30, 8:01:30 am)supertanno Wrote:  Starting April 1st, 2018, we will be offering FreeVPS Premium in several tiers

Hmm.....  sounds very very fishy here.... But those prices are so cheap that I'll gladly be happy to pay $9.99/month for a free VPS.  I think everyone can agree with me that this is a wonderful thing for FreeVPS right???
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

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FreeVPS Bronze plan looks good to me. Because i need remainder at end of the month.
Thanks for the wonderful plan.
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I for a moment thought this was real lol. You got me.
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Nice offers!

I’ll get the Platinum plan by tomorrow. It’s really the best value!
This will be implemented on April 1st! Nice one! Cheese LOL
What if all this wasn't a joke and will go truly live soon? Oops

So mindfuck.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

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It's April 2nd and you've all of course figured this one out already. We're not introducing FreeVPS Premium. So long as this site is around, your free VPS will remain just that -- free. Happy Easter!

Thread closed.
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