[APRIL FOOLS] Introducing FreeVPS Premium
Here at FreeVPS.us, we're always looking for ways to improve our services. In doing so, we always make sure that these improvements will benefit you, the users. This is why we're very excited to introduce a new feature on this website aimed at making your path to a free VPS much easier: FreeVPS Premium.

FreeVPS Premium is an exciting new service that rewards loyal members with the very best that FreeVPS has to offer. Starting April 1st, 2018, we will be offering FreeVPS Premium in several tiers:

FreeVPS Copper
- Being allowed to request a Free VPS

FreeVPS Bronze
- We will remind you if you're missing posts at the end of the month

FreeVPS Silver
- No more posting requirements

FreeVPS Gold
- No more posting requirements
- You're allowed two (2) VPSs

FreeVPS Platinum
$199.99/month (BEST VALUE)
- No more posting requirements
- You're allowed three (3) VPSs
- No score requirements
- First choice for a VPS
- Permission to run game servers, regardless of ToS

The future looks bright for our community and we believe that with this exciting new opportunity, we can offer you as user an exciting way to support our community and get great rewards in return. Sign-ups open April 1st!

--The FreeVPS.us staff
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I'm little confused about the whole thing. So none-Premium members won't get to request a free vps and none-Premium vps holders won't receive missing post alert from now on ?
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Sounds excellent.

I propose an additional tier

FreeVPS Unobtainium
- You can post any post you want without getting deleted
- You're allowed five (5) VPSs
- 1x FreeVPS fidget spinner

Another suggestion I have is to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The future is so bright.

Maybe it is an April First joke just 3 days early ?
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]

We've put a lot of thought and work into the idea and believe that this is a great deal. $9.99/month to get a free VPS is an absolute steal.

That's a great idea! We'll look into adding it to the program.
I'm the oldest still-active member of this forum.
Got any questions? I'm here to help! Just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you.

That is a really awesome packs. But if it is true then must tell more about it. Hope you give more details in future.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
woow.. I am so happy now that i can spend some more .. !! Too much money is like a curse.. None knows that I am the richest guy who none knows about !! I am going to buy for all of you who want any of the above packs. Only requirement is you will have to keep me the richest guy who none knows about !! So If you have read this post, please kill yourself and tell none before you do so..

thanks Tounge
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
So probably for getting a Free VPS from here now all users must have to buy one of the above mentioned package?
So now FreeVPS isn't really giving the vpses for free anymore.. it's kind of buying subscription to have a VPS +. Do posts to keep it monthly.. (excluding the packages where we don't need to do any posts). It's probably more easy to buy a VPS from providers directly (where users don't need to do any monthly posts).

And have you had a talk with your sponsors regarding your indirect reselling of the vpses ?

And a last query.. so this means now no registered members can get a VPS without paying $9.99 or above to FreeVPS ?
If yes then what about those users who had loosed there vpses because of sponsors Sponsorship terminations ?

Wait a sec
(2018-03-30, 8:01:30 am)supertanno Wrote:  FreeVPS Platinum
- Permission to run game servers, regardless of ToS
Are you kidding? As far as I know, sponsors had limited because of some geniune reason.. and you are letting users to break through their TOS ?

Is it only me who is feeling something fishy Tounge ? (Seeing.. "Sign-ups open April 1st!").
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Seems like a joke for 1st April to me, why would a website named "FreeVPS" will convert themselves into some premium type.
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Even though if this is a joke then its not realistic Tounge
A person can buy a good dedicated server in $200 and host more than 40+ VPS.

FreeVPS best Package:
- Chances to obtain whichever VPS you want at any time. We will disrupt any member using the selected VPS for you.

Expiration date: 10 seconds after this post was made.

Good job at the joke, if only the date wasn't 1st April i would have fallen into it Cheese
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

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