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Project that I've been working with, and now that I have a fair amount of dedicated hardware on my side, I'm helping my beloved FOSS community out and I thought I'd share my free services that I've been handling for a while. Unfortunately, I do not have IPv4 addresses for every VM, so ports are shared over each IPv4 address. There are restrictions, but they're great for free.

Facebook Page:

VM specifications:
CPU: 20% of one Xeon core
Disk: 1GB
Two accessory ports and SSH port per VM.
Powered by SliTaz and KVM
My Hosting Service:
You should really invest in a real domain because you will lose the .cf one at some point. Oh and SSL ofc. You could get a .ru domain pretty cheap. .ovh domain names are .99 eur for the first year and around 2.99 eur/year afterwards.
So Say We All
I'm perfectly OK with the domain name, although I hope that @crazycoder13 has paid for the domain as Freenom may take it back spontaneously and without warning when it reaches a certain level of traffic. I like the Website look, very simple and straight forward that suit the small project on hand. The font and layout are classic and very practical. Also pleasing to the eye. Well done so far.
[Image: 4ax8Kok.png]
Thank you to the Staff of FreeVPS and HostUS for a great VPS experience!
Thank you for the kind complements. Its nice to not get harassed on the internet for once! Tounge

When I can, I will have automated registration system for VM's in the near future. I plan to build on top of what I have and make it something that I can be proud of.
My Hosting Service:
Do you by any chance allow hosting of other programs that don't take up much resources? Also where is this hosted?
Thank you HostUS for VPS 16!

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No waiting required to get a free VPS, just make posts and apply!
Well, namecheap have discount less than 6$ for 5 years domain.
Do not use freenom domains(.tk,.cf,.ml,.ga, etc) for long running projects, they are scam and will cheat you.
Between your service seems to be awesome,try to buy a domain, welcome to freevps forums.

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