New theme update?
Am just wondering.  Are there any updates about the new theme yet?  Is it still in the works?  Smile
It's still in the works, but development is progressing painfully slowly. We have quite a few kinks to work out (the worst one being that the Alerts plugin just flat-out does not work with it), but lack the time to properly look into it.
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Got any questions? I'm here to help! Just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you.

Thanks for the feedback @supertanno. You've got my sympathy as I tried out and experimented with themes and plugins with myBB a few weeks ago, and there seems to be an incompatibility going on between some of the themes and plugins. myBB is not easy. I've given up for now, but am sure when you guys have got it sorted out that I'll be motivated to try again. Good luck with the efforts.

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