[Ques] Hosting Panel on VPS
If you want to have auto installer which has Wordpress then go for VestaCP. But I think it's better to have 1GB RAM rather than 512MB. problem is not running the vps but when you install it sometimes need lot more than 512MB RAM. But if your VPS has SWAP then it's fine.
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]

If you're really gonna run VestaCP on the minimum sys req, I recommend going the nginx+php-fpm route instead of apache. It will have a lower resource consumption.
Also don't use the built in mail of VestaCP Happywide

CWP uses apache iirc. Not good for low end boxes
For vps under 512 MB ram you can use vesta cp if you have more then 1gb ram use CWP. It is much more stable.

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