Korean FTC fines Nexon, Netmarble for misleading players about loot box odds
via: Korea Times and The Korea Herald

In Nexon Korea's online game Sudden Attack, there's a 16-piece puzzle which grants gameplay advantages when completed, and players get 2 piece each time they purchase something called "Entertainer Count" (translated as "Celebrity Count" in other articles). Nexon said that each of 16 pieces were given randomly when in reality a piece is especially rare with a 0.5% odd. FTC said that the way Nexon described it misleads players into thinking the odds of getting each piece would be the same instead of there being rare pieces. Nexon was fined about 945 mil won (about 885k USD). Nexon says it plans to appeal.

On Netmarble's front, it claimed that odds of receiving some in-game items are would be raised by up to 10 times in certain special events in their on-line baseball game Ma9. The reality is that the odds are increased by 5 times at most. In another game by them "Monster Taming", Netmarble told players that the odds of receiving some in-game character from purchased lottery tickets is lower than 1 percent when the actual odds is as low as 0.0005%. For that, Netmarble was fined about 60 mil won (about 56k USD).
Didn't Netmarble accept their punishment unlike Nexon? I heard they apologized for what they did and instead Nexon's trying to appeal their punishment. But I could understand, Nexon's fine is way more expensive than Netmarble's fine.
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