My vps 23 is offline.
My vpa 23 is offline please somebody help. Its offline from 9th of this month....
I tried from the control panle to restart it but it is not starting....
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
Funny how it's down so long, typically it shouldn't be issues with the network on the host's part if it's this long. Is your container suspended for any sort of abuse by any chance? Their site seems to be up right now so that's the only reason I can think of if the control panel said it's offline too.
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Well I have posted 9th in private forum but no one have ever replied. I dont even know whats my vps status.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
@ALPANAWEB  Sorry about your VPS being down.  I checked the test IP for Server 23 and it isn't working as well.  Why not write a PM to @Ignis.  Maybe he has missed this thread because you didn't mention his name and he's working with his Alerts for responding to support requests.
I have mailed adminand also post to provate support forum because it contains ip address but no luck so far...
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
I have seen this but I do not have the time currently to address it. Unless @Optimus has the time you may have to wait until the 9th for assistance.
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