Best Wordpress Plugins
Can anyone suggest me some good and everyday use wordpress plugins ?

Also, I need a good free newsletter plugin with SMTP support as my SMTP host is different than that of host.

So what you guys think which plugins are must for news-related sites.. and how to make WordPress smoother..
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Most essential one when you start your installation for the first time is WordFence for security.  It is the best security plugin available for WordPress.  It allows you to sign up as well for notifications about your account.

Hand in hand with WordFence I always load Limit Login Attempts.  To protect you account from brute force login attempts.

Third most important plugin for me is a backup and migration tool called All-in-One WP Migration plugin.  It allows you to make backup of your WordPress site and save it to the hard disk of your computer with just a couple or more clicks.  Restoration is just as easy.  All one does when one starts a new installation of WordPress is to load the plugin, and then to import a backup of your WordPress site from your computer.  It makes it easy then to migrate your sites from one server to another.

All of the other plugins depend on what you want to do with your site.  If you want some assistance with SEO then SEO by Yoast is recommended.

For Newsletters I don't have personal experience but WP Newsletter plugin comes highly recommended by WordPress.  It is SMTP ready.
I have set of plugins I used for all my Wordpress blogs. Well there are lots of talk about how these plugins slow down sites and taking resources but these days if you have bunch of sites you need these.

SEO by Yoast is a must have for Wordpress blogs these days. It take care of most of on-page optimization factors including site maps. This plugin is better than all other SEO plugins out there.

Then comes Jetpack Plugin. It take care of malicious login attempts, Spamm comments, social Media publishing, contact forms, Trafftc stats and many other things. I prefer to use this than using different plugins for all these stuff.

Search Meter is not so known plugin but it's a great help if you want to keep an eye on what people search on your site. It gives you stats on all search terms used.

TablePress is another useful plugin if you want to use data tables and charts. It's free and easy to use. Only down side is it's now responsive.

WP-Optimize is a nice and simple data base optimizing plugin. It clean up your database easily and safely, without manual queries.
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IMHO W3 Total Cache is an essential plugin. It helps you by caching stuff which makes your site much more responsive.

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