MegaFUSE - Expand your VPS storage with a free MEGA account
Does it has any viruses? i dont want to put my linux vps at risk. it would be very nice if you will do a anti virus tutorial by the way Smile

The application is open source and the source code is publicly available in the GitHub repo. You compile the source code into a fresh executable program on your VPS.

A antivirus tutorial? What?

Not that it would matter but here is a VirusTotal scan of the compiled executable of MegaFuse:

The result is not really a surprise: it is absolutely clean.
Hm. Doesn't have some transfer limit for free accounts, like 5-6 GB every 6 hours or something? Wouldn't you hit the limit if you're using it as a regular folder and just happen to transfer some large files?

I also curious if you can do something similar with other file hosting services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
You can definitely do it with Google Drive. In fact, that's what I did to have a mounted backup space before.

This one seems to support a lot of cloud storage providers:
This one is only for dropbox:

If you want to look one for other providers, just lookup "cloudprovider fuse mount"
I think this is grate idea but does it really work in real time? Well I mean If I want to use this to store users data here does it work? Have anyone ever used that?

Generally you can store anything you want on your storage account. Keep in mind that it however is mounted as a remote storage and therefore the performance depends a lot on the network speed of your server and the connection to the Mega servers.

When you write data to the storage there is always a little delay because the files have to be synced (uploaded) to the Mega servers. The bigger the files are the bigger the delay is. Obviously because uploading just takes time. Here is again why the network speed and connectivity matters a lot.

So far it has worker great for me as long as I uploaded the filed either directly via Mega or first to the VPS and then moved them to the mounted storage. Somehow uploading through SSH to the mounted storage in the VPS doesn't work well often. It ends up with errors most of the time. So I either directly upload via Mega or move from VPS to the storage.

The purpose of this is more like a download storage or archive. Using it for something that constantly changes data is a bit problematic due to the upload delays.
Yes, You are right. I can use mega as a backup space for my project. And put all my main content on VPS. I am gonna mount it now. As mega is fully encrypted service, therefore, it is as secure as your vps.
thanks for this info.
Ill give it a try!

btw... Im new to the forums!

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