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my posts keep getting deleted. i want to know the reason why? am im posting to short lines? its above 50 characters like it asked so whats the problem?
Could be many reasons.

1)Bad English/formatting.
2)They don't contribute with anything to the topic, or in other words: unnecessary.
3)They're too short. Just because it says 50 characters is the limit that doesn't mean you need to respect that in all your posts. That's reserved for when actually needed.
3.5) Sometimes (2) and (3) are combined together and becomes even worse.

Here's an example of (2): Someone asks where he can find PHP tutorials. Someone comes in and answers "w3schools.com". Then you come and answer "w3schools.com". So was your post really necessary?

Here's another example: Someone asks for support regarding his VPS. You come along and answer: "Please standby. And admin will respond to your issue soon." So was your post really necessary?

I'm not saying you did this. I'm just saying these are the kind of dumb, lame posts that we don't even debate it whether to remove it or not. In the end. Every lame and unnecessary post is removed. If it wasn't. You got lucky.

But now a little onto you.

Your Minecraft tutorial was pretty much a copied subset of text from this one https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorial...p_a_server

In this topic (Preferred VPS location?) you answered "i think the best location is los angeles, california". But why? You just stopped there and never bothered to explain why. Late on you reply with "i think its to much 32GB ram and i think you need to make the closest location to you". Again, what was the purpose of that post? Where's your argument?

In the topic (Last movie you've seen and your rating). Your post was "last movie was now you see me i rate it 10/10 best movie". Again, why?

In the topic "Namecheap - how to renew a domain that doesn't belong to you" you replied "thanks for this tutorial it will help people a lot!" Again, was that necessary? Use the reputation system. That's why it exists.

And I could go on but it'd be a waste of time and I've already wasted too much. But these kind of lame, bare minimum, nonsense posts are immediately removed. Some of them get by while some don't. When you make more of them that attracts the eye of the staff and they review all of your posts not just whatever recent post made by any user. When you slip one just once in a while then it could have a chance to be left unseen.

Lesson to be learn: Don't try to BS your way out of it all the time. That attracts the attention of any authority like bears on honey. Just don't. Be smart.
alright thanks for replying to me please close this topic and dont delete it i will visit here sometimes to check again before i post

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