Gmail just got a facelift
To turn on the new Gmail, click the Gear button and click "Try the new Gmail". A gallery of screenshots of the new design can be found on this Ars Technica article among other places.

Overall the layout hasn't changed much, everything is still where it was in the old design. Most noticeable change is change of font to Roboto which gives it a more spaced apart look. A lot of people complained about this in the Ars article's comment section saying that the font is uncomfortable to look at, it's not compact enough, etc. Personally I think it looks good to me.

Appearance-wise, there are a bunch of changes/additions to the animations and button appearance, a prominent one being the fancy new Compose button. The old design has a bunch of rectangular buttons in the navigation and in the new design it's mostly borderless buttons. There are also icons for the sidebar items (e.g. Inbox, Starred) instead of just text. In short, Gmail's been adapted to Material Design and is now consistent with the modern Android look/feel.

A new change is that when you use the Default display density (other options are "Comfortable" and "Compact"), attachments show up as tiles under the email subject as shown in screenshot below. What's more if there's a Google Doc/Sheet etc. link in the email body, it will also be presented as a tile.

[Image: Gmail_Convergence_Enterprise_Image_3.max-1000x1000.png]

Feature-wise, you can now "snooze" emails (using the button with the watch icon) which hides them from the folder they're in until some user-selected date/time (I haven't really tried it yet). It also seems like you can un-send emails now as there's an "Undo" button that's shown after you send an email. Another new feature is integration with Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Tasks - you can access them within Gmail on the right sidebar and clicking them opens the application in a panel. I don't use these all that much but some people seem pretty excited about it. On top of these, there's supposedly a "Confidential mode" but I haven't look into it yet.

You can find Google's blog posts on the redesign here and here.
I prefer the old look Happywide The theme I use looks crappy on the new layout too.

Other buttons also seem to small now. I appreciate that you can hide the sidebar now though. It takes up too much space on the laptop I use.

Well, it’s just my own opinions.
im farmiliar with the old style.
new template look weird.i hope new template gmail more fast than the old.
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thanks to hostigation for vps 18 this is great vps
spesial thank to Nevil , dmmcyntre,cw1998, all admin ,and all moderator    

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(2018-04-28, 12:58:07 am)Conan Wrote:  The theme I use looks crappy on the new layout too.

I tend to use simpler themes like plain color or somewhat subtle textures (I find the fancier/complex ones to be a bit distracting and sometimes they make the navigation elements hard to see) so I don't have any issues on that front.

(2018-04-28, 12:58:07 am)Conan Wrote:  Other buttons also seem to small now.

I'm using an external monitor so I didn't notice that at first but I imagine the new buttons would be tiny on smaller screens.

(2018-04-28, 12:58:07 am)Conan Wrote:  I appreciate that you can hide the sidebar now though. It takes up too much space on the laptop I use.

Oh nice, I didn't realize that the hamburger button toggles the left sidebar.
i really prefer the old look of the gmail. this one looks pretty ugly. and i dont see a good reason to this change why they even done this?
The theme I use is the "console" theme. It's colors are relatively simple. I chose it because it's the best dark theme I could find at that time. I really hope they update that theme though. I really like it.

As for the buttons, they do look small on a 14" screen. I prefer the size of the previous buttons Happywide

Some people like the new theme based of Material Design i guess
Well yes, I do use Gmail for all of my work now it has been getting a new makeover. Just awesome new looks of my favorite mail client.
It looks nice, too bad I rarely got to see it. I am still one of those old people using a Desktop mail client. Whats wrong with me.
I also prefer the old theme. I've also got Hotmail and Yahoo accounts and they're into new themes too and the old I feel more comfortable with and looks better too. Hotmail feels the easiest and most comfortable out of the three to work with. I feel the guys who made the changes to Hotmail are probably more with it.

I only have a single colour theme - dusk - with my Gmail which is more or less the color FreeVPS had with its previous theme. I've had the dusk color for a couple or more years. I wouldn't say I'm 100% happy with the old theme, but there's nothing in the new that is attractive to me. I've also fiddled with the settings now and then - as I also didn't like the discussion type replies as they always messed with when I wanted to forward an e-mail or reply with separate messages in the discussion. Like sometimes one wants to delete some of the discussion when one forwards an e-mail and one is never really sure with the discussion type format whether one achieved that.

I'd say however that with the settings, most of everything is possible but not always user friendly. Like trying to figure out how one can set up gmail through a different account takes some doing. Most of my solutions I've found by Googling them (ironically) and someone else having figured out a solution for it.
Apparently Google Drive also has the same theme now. Been using this new theme for a while and haven't had much issues with it to be honest. Perhaps it's simply a matter of me not really caring too much about themes as long as they don't get in the way of me doing things.

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