[IMPORTANT]Shutting Down Of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion!
That’s a shame. I do understand why this had to happen though: a lack of posts, quality threads, sponsors and various other factors.

I really want to thank all the staff here for all their hard work over the years. Things have indeed changed since I signed up in 2013. From the SubN*tWeb drama to @“Monad” retiring, we’ve definitely had some good and bad moments here.

There are still some tutorials here that people may find useful, so I’m glad that the forum will still be up (albeit under read-only mode).

Thanks again to all the great staff. Special thanks to @cw1998 for being so friendly and understanding when I was too busy to complete my posts. FreeVPS will forever have a place in my heart... <3
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What can I say. It was good while it lasted. I've had a VPS (multiple actually) from here for at least 4 years while I've been a member of this community. I've learned a lot. I've met great people, with which I keep in touch to this day. This was probably the first forum I ever joined and actually posted something beside finishing the registration process.

So while I'm a bit sad to see it close its gates. I'm also glad it ended while standing up and with the same morals and ideas with which it started. Usually, some communities try to adapt, convert, extend their reach, to the point where they no longer have any idea what they're doing because they've forgot their purpose. So I'm glad this community will not leave a bad taste in my mouth before eventually going down.

I've had a great time. And if I managed to upset anyone in the process of doing that. I don't regret it Tounge (jk, you should know me by now)
(2018-05-01, 3:51:19 am)supertanno Wrote:  @deanhills

We will be terminating all VPSs at that point. It's up to you to find a different (perhaps non-paid) alternative. If you want to keep the VPS, you can contact the host about transferring it.

Thank you for explaining how it works.  So if I understand it correctly there won't be a transfer by the staff on behalf of the member, but from the member (requesting transfer from staff) after being in touch with the VPS host.  So I guess in this case, even if it is against the rules, members are allowed to deal directly with the host?

It would be a similar process to when GHP stopped sponsoring us but were still in business. Basically, you would purchase a paid VPS with the provider, and we'd open a ticket to have them move your data from your FreeVPS VPS over to the paid VPS on their service.
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Wow. It's been five years since I've registered, and for three years, I held a VPS. I can't say thanks enough to FreeVPS for providing resources to its users. I certainly learned a lot from participating here, and I'm glad we're ending on a high note.

Thanks to all of our staff members:

Special thanks to some of the previous staff members:

Some of our old staff members:

Truly, the eight years that FreeVPS has lived for will be treasured by those who frequented this forum. Once again, thanks to all of the staff that has volunteered their precious time into this community. Sad as this is, I'm happy that the forum is being preserved in a read-only setting, to keep the content that our users have written over the years.

"That but this blow
Might be the be-all and the end-all here,
But here, upon this bank and shoal of time,
We'ld jump the life to come."

-- William Shakespeare

Rest in peace, FreeVPS. The forum will be sorely missed.

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Sad too see FreeVPS also ends. So far 2018 is horrible year. Thank you admins and mods for your hard work put on FreeVPS. Hope to see you in future with success projects and success in life.
Damn, this was never expected that the community would end, though the bad time for this community started from end of 2017 but this never made us even think that this community would ever close.

When i joined the forums, in start of 2016 the community was so strong, the most active forum, and even before when i was not even member of this forum, i visited it regularly for the most helpful tutorials that gave me lot of Linux knowledge. I came to know about the the VPS free given here after such a long time, i first thought that there are VERY limited VPS so i would never get any of them (Just like keys giveaway). So i never actually registered from before but the community was very strong.

It was a great time making posts, having fun, sharing about technology, meeting the tech geeks, knowing lot about the topics which i didn't even know them in real life.

One thing stated here is VPS industry is declining, i am sorry but i will not agree about this one. As we compare and look from previous years, there are lot of companies that come up with great quality service with affordable prices. AWS are not really affordable for people, only good for the companies that have lot of investment, and really into it.

Closing the community isn't a good idea, though the purpose of this forum was to give Free VPS, now when its not possible the community could be still open for techs, i like how people share the topics. I am pretty sure that after there are no requirements at-least some people will be posting on their own. If its about moderating the forums, keeping away from spammers then simple solution is to get moderators, i know lot of people would be interested it as it is such a big community.

Lack of sponsors is a big reason for this community to abandon, but there were lot of ways that could be applied to attract the sponsors which were suggested but none put any interest to it.

However it feels like there's lack of interest, this community gets thousands of visitors daily, and majority having interest in services like VPS, a company would always like to have them listed on such forums, but with such way that atleast their company website gets traffic which i think that no ways were applied to attract any interest of them.

Or just let someone acquire it, this could be somehow like VPS Talk.

I am shocked, FREEVPS itself is retiring! but not those staff who are busy!
Why do you want to kill freevps.us? There is no one else to manage or moderate this forum?
I am very thankful to the great service freevps.us gave the users until now. I believe the retirement of @Monad and @cw1998 was the biggest damage to freevps.us rather than anything else. Lose of sponsors and difficulty finding new sponsors are just the follow-ups.
As @Lampard , @deanhills suggested I aiso think closing freevps.us is very bad idea, freevps.us is not only providing the products or services owned by itself, we can see other people also sharing their products and services in different forums within the community(Refer to https://freevps.us/forum-67.html).
I rather suggest all those who are busy in their life should have a happy mind to recruit new moderators and let the forum live long as it can. I think there are people around here who would like to run this community. Why don't give them a chance?
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Everything comes and goes. The forum shutting down is just part of life Smile

Still sad to see FreeVPS go though. I'm very thankful to the community as I learned a lot from here. Most of the knowledge about linux when I started was from here.

It's been a good 4 years for me.

Thank you to everyone here!

@SLC - Thanks for helping me a lot with coding a few years back Smile
@Ignis and @cw1998 - Thanks a lot for helping me and considering some situations for me/
@Monad - Your tutorials were a great help! Thanks for personally helping me a couple of times too.
@Moderators & old staff- Thanks for your work for everyone here!

There are a lot of forum members who helped me before. You know who you guys are. Thank you!

We'd be talking a full staff replacement at that point. It's easy enough to replace moderators, but considering the sensitive nature of the data contained in the VPS request threads and the database of the forum itself, as well as the resources our sponsors have entrusted us with. It's a lot of responsibility, and that level of trust has to be earned. Furthermore, there's quite the high dropout / disappearance rate among moderators here... And the workload is even more intense as an administrator. We'd have to spend at least a year onboarding new people, and none of us have time for that. We tried a while back when we had more energy, which resulted in some new mods, but all of them except @SLC went inactive themselves after a couple months.

Furthermore, there's the community decline to consider. Attempt to deny the truth though you may, we've been having a serious decline since at least 2016. [Image: graph?o=lt&y=t&b=ffffff&n=666666&f=99999...freevps.us].

TL;DR: We can't transfer ownership without deleting just about all data, and even if we did the community has declined a lot from the glory days.
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