[IMPORTANT]Shutting Down Of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion!
Dear members of FreeVPS.us,

The past few months have been hard on our website. We've been forced to stop using our theme due to technical difficulties, have had problems giving out VPSs, and many other problems. After months of stress and deliberation, we have decided to shut FreeVPS.us down.

This website was founded by @dmmcintyre3 back in April 2010 with the goal of providing those in need with a free VPS. VPS prices at the time were far higher than they are now and most people couldn't afford them. Since then, however, VPSs have decreased in popularity as cloud-based solutions like Amazon's AWS and easy website tools like Squarespace and Wix have taken their place. We've seen the result on our forum as well: we've lost sponsors, activity is down, and fewer new members sign up.

At FreeVPS.us, we strive to provide not only a quality VPS, but also a quality community. As staff, we have unfortunately seen the quality of our community decline. Our moderators are busy every day purging spammers and our warning logs have seen a massive increase in activity lately. We were once known for our technically proficient and active community and this is no longer the case.

Then there are the technical problems. Not only have 8 years of MyBB upgrades caused massive residue issues, but we've been completely unable to give our website the makeover it desperately needs and that you've been calling for. With forum software effectively dead thanks to social media, moving is unfortunately no longer an option.

FreeVPS.us has been through quite a few storms. Run-ins with scammers and lawyers weren't able to stop us. However, the current state of our forum as a result of the factors above has led to our decision to close down. We will be performing a gradual shutdown, as described in the timetable below:
  • Immediately: End of VPS Giveaways. Support Limited to issues that prevent getting data off the VPS.
  • 1 May 2018: New user registration disabled. Only currently registered users will be able to post from here on out.
  • 31 May 2018: Deadline for transferring VPS to a paid service. All VPSes that have not been transferred will be terminated out of respect for sponsors' resources. End of support for VPSes.
  • 30 June 2018: Forum placed in read-only / archive mode, shoutbox removed. No users will be able to post or use the shoutbox anymore.

If you wish to transfer your free service to a paid plan with the provider please contact the hosting provider and get their approval. After that contact us with the details of your billing account, your VPS information (IP, control panel username..) and we will open a ticket with reference to you and ask for the service to be moved to your account as a paid service.

We'd like to thank you all for the memories you've given us, memories that we will all cherish as we move on in life. For all of our former and current staff members, our tenure at FreeVPS was a hugely influential period of our lives that made us into who we are today. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

With regards,
The FreeVPS.us staff


P.S.: If you'd like to stay in touch with our community, feel free to join the FreeVPS Discord server by clicking here.

With due respect to your privacy!

I have been asked to make an addition to this announcement in order to clear up some more things that will happen during the staged shutdown. This is an addition regarding your privacy and your privacy rights. FreeVPS Directory & Discussion respects all of their members and their privacy. This is already in place since a few years as a reminder about your rights.

Around the date of the 31st May 2018 and therefore after the full transfer and termination of all VPSs the staff of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion will purge all of your private information that has been gathered in the process of all the past giveaways. This means that the staff will fully remove all your application topics from the database and also remove any internal reference to any of the data.

If there should be something that was missed you are very welcome to contact the staff and point them towards the content that still needs to be removed. Please mind that this is valid from the 31st May 2018. Do not contact staff now already. The information may still be required until all VPSs have been transfered and terminated.

Thank you for your understanding.
Besides my family, I will forever owe a few people and entities a debt of gratitude for my career in IT and computer engineering and, most importantly, a ton of soft-skills and very well spent time. FreeVPS and some of its members are very high on that restricted group, not just because this online community was one of the very first I became a part of as an internet user, but for everything it made possible in my life. Most people who are 21 years old cannot brag about having eight years of experience in web development and systems administration, and it was FreeVPS that enabled me to start working in this area at such an early point in my life.

I eventually moved on from FreeVPS, as did many people here. Which is fine - from a certain point on, I started seeing the FreeVPS project as an incubator of greater projects made by people who, for some reason, did not have the ability to start alone; for me at least, this was definitely the case. As we all know, there were also many people who did not see it this way, and ended up using this community with different goals in mind. Which is fine as well, since FreeVPS never really had a "mission" besides providing free VPSs and being an overall welcoming community. What was never OK, though, was to abuse this community, and over the years the user/abuser ratio moved the wrong way.

The situation in the web hosting world is not what it was eight years ago, either: if what you want to do is host a website, there are more options than ever, ditto for game servers, and if you really want a server for any other reason, right now there are more providers offering free tiers and extended trials than there were in 2010. VPS prices have also gone generally down, as more providers appeared with more competitive offerings.

Most FreeVPS staff put long hours into this project on a voluntary or almost-voluntary basis. It's completely understandable that at some point, everyone will want to move on. There are certain things in life that only make sense as long as they don't feel like a chore, and as one grows up, the amount of things that feel like a chore definitely increases, especially as one accumulates more responsibilities, paying jobs, etc.. And I think we all grew up a lot with FreeVPS.

Finally, to a great amount of today's internet users, forums are not as appealing as they were to the internet users of four, six, eight years ago. This is not something I believe FreeVPS could have done anything about, but it's something that I believe contributed to the mentioned community quality decline.

For all these reasons, I can't see how anyone would disagree with the current decision. It's a well-coordinated shutdown. In a way, it's deeply sad, but I think that this way, FreeVPS finishes this challenge as a winner. This is much better than losing to some legal battle or catastrophic technical issue. Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, I see this as an happy ending.

It is almost inconceivable to me and to many people that this project managed to last this long based on independent sponsorships and ad revenue alone. I wish I could do the same with many of my projects, I think a lot of people wish the same. I congratulate pretty much everyone who managed this project over the course of its lifetime.

Eight years is a very long time, especially in "internet years"... 8 is also just another perspective on ∞. FreeVPS will forever be remembered by me and my projects as the one spark that bootstrapped everything I ended up doing in the last eight years - even the things that have nothing to do with VPSes and web hosting - and all the things I will do for the rest of my life.

FreeVPS, come June 30, may you rest in read-only peace.
With respect.  It's very difficult for me to understand why FreeVPS has to be closed down.  The reasons you give don't make sense to me.  For starters I totally disagree that VPSs are not popular any longer. Do you have proper statistics to back that up?  As where I come from at gigarocket.net, the owner is an SEO Consultant and statistics say there is an enormous market for VPS hosting.

The failed makeover I can only laugh about.  Gigarocket had a complete makeover after a few years and many upgrades of myBB and nothing failed in it.  All of it by volunteers.  And done by the right staff whose hearts were in the makeover.  If the upgrade had been a problem all the staff of FreeVPS needed to do was to ask its membership for their assistance or suggestions.  You'd have been surprised to discover how creative and resourceful they are. 

The comments about the community completely missed the mark with me, and by the same token explained everything that is wrong at the same time.  I think we've got a fantastic community of VPS enthusiasts at FreeVPS.  Spammers have always been there and will always be there.  It's part of the job to get rid of them.  These days it's quite easy to do it too.  All you do is select them and use the purge tool. So for me it's not the members and the spammers who are the problem, but the staff who don't seem to have their hearts in the VPS post4host business any longer and lack the will and interest to continue. The latter I think is closer to the truth. And regrettably so.

Fortunately we still have post4vps.com.  And they're doing very well. The owner and staff at post4vps have their hearts fully in the post4host business. Is it possible to talk to them to see whether there is a possibility of transferring some of the VPSs you have in a special arrangement with the hosts?  Quite a large number of the active members at FreeVPS are also members of post4vps.com.  For me it would make total sense if you and the leadership of post4vps could come to some kind of arrangement.  At least freeVPS would then have a legacy of a kind that would still serve its membership.
Not entirely unexpected but still a sad situation. Had some plans involving my VPS which I have been delaying forever partly due to proscrastination and partly due to real life stuff.

Nevertheless, it's been a good run. I had fun here and definitely learned some useful stuff here. As a sidenote, it's a bit hard to imagine that "[FreeVPS.us] were once known for our technically proficient and active community" given the current state of this community.

Thanks to @dmmcintyre3, @Monad, @Ignis, @Optimus, @SLC, @supertanno, @PokemonEx222, @Karim and all others current and former staff for building and/or keeping this community running smoothly all these years.

I'll be blunt, and speak as Jason, the community member rather than Ignis the Giveaway manager. FreeVPS has been declining for a few years now, more noticeably in the past 6 months. Over that time, we have tried many different small changes to attempt to increase activity, but none have been successful. This has lead to a lot of discouragement both among the community and the staff. Staff members have become more busy with their lives, and judging by posting patterns members no longer care much about the community either.

these last sets of complications recently - loosing our two largest sponsors within months of each other, having to drop VPS 18s due to david being unable to handle the financials anymore, MyBB breaking freaking everything - seem to have drained the last dregs of life from the community, and I know they drained the last dregs of life from the staff. Seeing all your efforts go to waste is... disheartening to say the least.
Giveaway Manager, FreeVPS Directory and Discussion

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(2018-05-01, 2:02:46 am)thirthy_speed Wrote:  Nevertheless, it's been a good run. I had fun here and definitely learned some useful stuff here. As a sidenote, it's a bit hard to imagine that "[FreeVPS.us] were once known for our technically proficient and active community" given the current state of this community.

I learned lots here myself.  Particularly from @dmmcintyre3 who through his high quality tutorials and posts was able to attract equally quality members until he started to outgrow the forum.  His idea of the Giveaway Process was super.  My special thanks in particular to him and to @Monad who perfected it.
There's nothing I can add here that has not already been said by the rest of the (former) staff. Considering the stuff we've gone through together, I'd say we're ending this on a high note. It's been a good 8 years.
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(2018-05-01, 12:20:30 am)Ignis Wrote:  
  • 31 May 2018: Deadline for transferring VPS to a paid service. All VPSes that have not been transferred will be terminated out of respect for sponsors' resources. End of support for VPSes.

Exactly what is meant with transferring VPS to a paid service?  And how will it happen?

We will be terminating all VPSs at that point. It's up to you to find a different (perhaps non-paid) alternative. If you want to keep the VPS, you can contact the host about transferring it.
I'm the oldest still-active member of this forum.
Got any questions? I'm here to help! Just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you.

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