Giveaway Managers - dates
I'm a bit of a history nut and would be great if we could make a list of FreeVPSs Giveaway Managers from the beginning of time and approximate dates - like maybe year.  I've only been here since 2016, but have worked through some of the history, and Monad's post in the locked Announcement about some of the history was great reading.  For those who may have missed it, here's a link to it:

I'm sure I've got a horribly wrong, but maybe you can help @Monad? For Staff who have gone through name changes, may be nice to have the name they were known as at the time when they were Giveaway Managers.

@dmmcintyre3  2010?
@Hidden Refuge 2012?
?@Poli aka deadmau5? 2013
@Hidden Refuge 2013
@cw1998 2014?
@Ignis 2017
@Infinity also frequently helped out in the past. Hidden Refuge is @Monad.

I wasn't around for @Poli, so I wouldn't know after that bit.
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