Hosting Suggestion
I was using a2hosting for several month, but today they are down for more than 5 hours, I pay 100$ per month and have a lot users (min:100 user online) and amount is still growing, I plan to move at hetzner:
What should I choose, I don't care about price, quality is more import, I will play 100-200$ per month. So Hetzner or something else, please advise.
Hetzner is a very good provider to go with. The server you picked however might be cheap but it's using some really old hardware. Consider looking for a server with a Intel Xeon E3 CPU of the newer generations. They are usually around the same price range or a bit more expensive while still being in your budget. There are even providers where you could get a proper E3 of the newest generation with 32 GB of RAM and two big HDDs in either RAID0 or RAID1 (maybe with luck even more disks and a RAID5/10).

Just my two cents. The i7 2nd gen is very old already and not that suitable for web hosting / VPSs. It might do good for game servers and similar.

I recommend to check the Hetzner Server Auction instead of buying from Hetzner normal dedicated directly: (the server you picked above is under 50 € on the server auction site Wink ).

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