Benchmarks Scripts
Thanks a lot.

I got my VPS, will use these tools to get the benchmarks for review!
I'm having trouble with IOPing. I have downloaded it but it says No such file or directory.
Tried everything as suggested by above posters. Anyone got a clue whats going on?

What is the OS you are using?

I have such problems on Ubuntu because it looks like there is a lib missing to run the file.

Or what you can do is run the commands inside the .sh file by hand.
Debian 6 64bit, tried running it manually by going to the directory but still no luck Skeptical

I think that the tool from DMM is made for CentOS.

I've seen all his tutorials and they are all for CentOS 5 or 6 so I wouldn't wonder if that would be the issue for you.
It's in the main repos for Debian. Just do
apt-get install ioping
(2012-01-20, 2:04:38 am)Retry Wrote:  Debian 6 64bit, tried running it manually by going to the directory but still no luck Skeptical
my precompiled version is for 32 bit linux.

Delete first the one you got from dmm:
rm /bin/ioping

Then install it from Debian repo as f8ll suggested.
Thanks! for the free VPS and for all the knowledge that I've learned here at the forum.
(2011-10-19, 1:10:57 am)dmmcintyre3 Wrote:  Network Test, Disk IO test and system info:
wget      -O - -o /dev/null|bash
Note: this will use 1 GB of transfer and download test files from multiple locations. It has not finished until you see a disk io number.

I just want to clarify this. If it looks like it is frozen, it isn't. It's just either downloading the files or writing the file for the IO test. Don't Control-C or kill it before it's done!
i got a vps24 and i'm preparing my review but i can't run the geekbench test beacause of a segmentation fault error in the memory tests... i surfed the net for a solution but i didn't found anything...
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