Firefox + ssh tunnel (4 free) on
Ok, I've just arrived, and as a present for all the community here my quick how-to get an SSH tunnel to surf with Firefox

1. Register on to get a free shell

2. Download putty tray

3. Open the software and go to "Session"

4. Insert as address

5. Now go to Connection, expand SSH and click on Tunnel

6. In Source Port put the one you want (e.g. 666)

7. In the Destiantion box put localhost

8. Check Dynamic

9. Get back to Connection, and insert a name under Saved Sessions, click Save

10. Connect with a double click, insert username and password of account

11. Open firefox, Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings and choose Manual Proxy Configuration

12. Put in Host Socks and for the port the one you've choosen (eg. 666)

Done, hope you enjoy.

PS. You can use another ssh server or shell, and you can also use ProxyFoxy to map the usage of tunnel.
The only problem is that they are very very very slow. I'm not sure if they limit transfer speeds or if they have many people on at one time.
yes, you're right. the main point of the tutorial is to get things done. Shell you use, it's up to you ;-).
Thanks for the Tutorial, one question though... Wont it be easier to just use a Squid proxy? and what do you use SSH tunneling for? is what I use my VPS for Tounge
ssh tunnels are way easier to setup than squid. You can use ssh tunnels for pretty much any network connection.

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