IMPORTANT: Do not apply for a VPS by replying to the thread
It is now illegal to post a reply to a VPS thread saying you want the VPS. We have the VPS Requests section for this. We are patrolling very actively on it at the moment, and not abiding this rule will have consequences.

The punishment for breaking this rule is a strike, with 3 strikes meaning a 10% warning for 1 week.

So, don't reply, but apply through the VPS Requests section.

Note from Infinity:
Also don't go posting "Yes i know..but i don't have so much time for make posts.. " etc. If you don't have enough posts or points then don't post in an offer thread. Simple.

If you don't meet the requirements, DONT POST in the VPS offer thread. Posting without meeting the requirements will earn you a 10% warning for one day.
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