[NEW] FreeVPS new look
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Looking good!
Well done guys Smile
@supertanno No points and score anymore? How will the new system work then?

[Image: original.png][Image: djJK.jpeg]

Thanks for the VPS LoomHosts and FreeVPS!
Points,score are readded?
Rep me if this helped you.
Eeeeewwww, I do not like the new theme at all.
I felt like someone has put a block of nitrogen ice right in my face.
[Image: lJnc516.png]
Awwww have a cry lol
On the updated FreeVPS FAQ the only requirement to apply for a VPS is to have 25 legitimate posts. To keep the VPS you have to maintain 20 legitimate posts per month and be a good boy here at the forum.
Thanks FreeVPS.us! for the free VPS and for all the knowledge that I've learned here at the forum.
No, i doesn't really like the new theme, i would like the old soft theme...
Overall, I do actually quite like it.
My only concern is the amount of white space to the right, it sorta makes the page look a little wonky in my opinion.
Maybe some content could be put into the sidebar?
I agree about the sidebar needing to be worked on, I'll see what I can do.
I agree as to what KitKat said, more whitespace on the right is not good for the eyes. Maybe the user sidebar could be put on any location but not left or right?

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