New policy against spammers
Hello everyone,

I am today starting a new policy against spammers. Not sure if the other staff will be following me, but I'm just letting all of you know.

I am sick and tired of people posting spam like "thanks", "nice tut", "i look forward to having a vps" etc. There are lots of people who don't do that, so this doesn't concern them, but to those who do: be prepared. We've closed down the strike system a few days ago, so now I can freely warn people when I feel they've spammed enough, and my warnings will not be soft.

So everyone, consider this a warning. I'm not going easy on spammers anymore, and I have run out of patience. Be prepared everyone.

Thank you for your attention :shy:.
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For those who may seem shocked at this, I'll try to explain the reasoning.
FreeVPS was set up to reward those who contributed to the community with quality content.

With this community spirit in mind, by posting monosyllabic responses to threads, you're not exactly helping the OP or anyone for that matter.
This has been attempted to be mitigated to an extent by introducing the points system, however in reality, the onus is on you to ensure your posts are relevant, informative, or at least humorous within context (:

By doing this, it encourages sponsors to become involved within the community, as it allows them to appreciate our genuine interest and perhaps even give them some hope that they might see a return in investment.
It costs our sponsors money, in terms of resources, to provide free VPSs; and that's not even mentioning the time and money Dmmcintyre3 puts into our community. Show 'em a little respect guys.

Therefore, if you want more sponsors, or at least want a better chance of being rewarded a VPS, try and put a little more thought into your posts.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant, but in reality I'm saying this to benefit you, our loyal community members.

Thanks for translating this into good PR language KitKat CheeseTounge. But yeah, that's basically my reasoning.

Even more, we have tried to do several things against spammers. We created rules, a thread describing what spam is, a link to that thread in the rules... Since that doesn't seem to help, I'm going for the offense now.
I'm the oldest still-active member of this forum.
Got any questions? I'm here to help! Just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you.

This is good thing to keep forum clean, I have too seen many post one liner and they refer the same answer. Some even don't bother to read first post of thread.
They are thinking that once they reach enough posts can get a VPS, but they never how they are doing useless posts in order to count.
This types of things are everywhere and you have to control them by friendly not giving warnings.
Well, I hate SPAM as well. but sonetimes I am on my mobile and posting is hard, so therefore some of my posts might be short.
Spam? What do you mean by spam? I need free host!
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Unfortunately a post to host/points based system always acts as a magnet for people who make worthless posts just to up their post count.

Unfortunately, this is always going to be the case when you offer something to people with lots of posts for free.
(2012-01-20, 5:20:36 am)titanicsaled Wrote:  Unfortunately, this is always going to be the case when you offer something to people with lots of posts for free.

Not neccesserily, I can tell you that if we take action against those people then they will no longer exist here, or they will change their ways. They decide, either get off or make useful posts.
Short post is considerable as long as its relevant and doesn't duplicate or just re-phrase other existing replies. We've better try hard to post quality content here at the forum, because as KitKat already mentioned, it could encourage sponsors for VPS, therefore resulting to more chances of getting a VPS too, the beneficiaries is us the members too.
Thanks! for the free VPS and for all the knowledge that I've learned here at the forum.
I support this new policy from the inside of my heart.

I also support the team with reporting posts which go against this new rule.
I'd like to propose the addition of a "like" or "thanks" button for specific posts with the forum. MyBB has several for this function Smile - VPS Hosting (Unmanaged). | Reliable, Affordable, Solid.
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