Can't See Your Site On Google
Google doesn't use keywords in its indexing, no point in having them.
Thanks to and for the VPS25
Are you sure about that?
(2012-02-16, 6:17:03 am)f8ll Wrote:  Are you sure about that?

Yes. The link you gave doesn't mention about keywords, but I'm pretty sure that I have read some Google Webmaster document which state that the meta keywords are not processed. Meta description is recommended instead.

However, they also note that it is only the behaviour of Google. The meta keywords might still useful on another search engine.

Google uses keywords off your site, it will scan your entire web site and conclude itself what your keywords are and then rank you against others. But that's just one of many things Google uses to rank websites; that is why there is a lot of money in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as there are lots of various things you can do.

No meta keywords.

nvm, I thought he was referring to my post before.
I have around 12 keywords on mine I haven't been banned but I may use that on my next blog.
12 keywords isn't that much at all.
I searched 2 words and my site came up 7th D:
I'm going to start SEOing it once I get it started.
My site has always appeared on Google, usually appears after a couple of days so give it chance to update before trying this out.
Well it is basically keywords so you type the keyword that you put in html or php or xml it will give it more chance being seen on google

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