Best one for Minecraft?
#11 which is on what's basically a VPS15 uses ~550mb ram and had 18 players on at once without issues.
Probably one with around 500+ mb ram could get on around 25 places, I would go for a 700 to be safe.
Those from Linode are pretty good.
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Linode VPSes aren't offered here.
Short version:
The one with the most RAM.

Long Version:
Fire it up and see what happens.
The JRE, server version and amount of plugins loaded will effect the resource hit, so you'll find out your own requirements with a little bit of testing.
That being said, MineCraft loves RAM, a lot.
The only one thats capable from all these vps's.. is probably vps13
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naive newbies. ram isn't everything.
OpenVZ is messy with JVM, but Xen/KVM works out of the box. I've managed to run 7 clients with the bukkit server on a 512mb xen pv box, but you need to ask if game server is permitted by the provider.
Usually its not the game thats the problem, its if java is allowed
So does anyone having a VPS13 tried to host a MC server on it?

I think 500MB RAM is the minimum requirement for hosting a MC server so any VPS that goes to that category will do.

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