Best Anti-Virus Software [List]
(2012-02-18, 3:08:43 am)Murderwrecker Wrote:  Kaspersky and ESET are ole epic antiviruses. Don't know where you life and what a crappy magazine it was.

True both EPIC. I have ESET Smart Security 4.2 Business Edition and no issues at all. On my 2nd year with them. Use to have Avast, no my system is a bit faster without Avast. Didn't believe it till I saw it for myself.

The Top Dog per is G-Data and is now available for the US. If I wasn't getting ESET for free I would have tried GDATA out.

(GDATA detection rates is what makes them best IMO) they catch just about everything. Check the on-demand logs, they always catch 99%
(2012-02-18, 2:29:53 am)Murderwrecker Wrote:  You forgot pretty much the by far truly best ones.

1. Kaspersky
2. ESET NOD32 & Smart Security

Only reason i never liked Kaspersky was the huge amount of resources it consumed ( yes Kaspersky is so old school that only major companies used it at first and gave up on Symantic and Mcafee).
A while after Kaspersky was released ( with one language support which was Russian i believe ) Mcafee released a major upgrade that it took around 5 CD's / 1 full DvD for a copy, but that didn't help their case and they kind of lost their market share after that.

(2012-02-18, 2:59:39 am)Gallery Wrote:  Never even heard of them one's, provide links for other users if you think they are good.

What this guy said:

(2012-02-18, 3:08:43 am)Murderwrecker Wrote:  Kaspersky and ESET are ole epic antiviruses. Don't know where you life and what a crappy magazine it was.

Personally i used Avast since it was Version 4, the good old blue ( A ) icon, Nothing can be compared to Avast's Boot Scan, however along with the new versions and the major changes in Version 5 and 6 the free subscription started to act lame, i used version 5 and 6 for almost 4 years and during these 4 years it never ever under any circumstances repaired a single file, whatever gets detected as a virus gets quarantined/deleted right away, I still use it tho Tounge

I didn't use BitDefender allot, same as Windows Defender, they seemed like the all good looking but no good to me.

Avira is pretty decent. No complains Tounge.
I never used Comodo or ClamWin, I don't even think i ever heard of ClamWin.

Didn't like AVG much, the version I used kept turning it self off and asking for an update every now and then " even when there isnt any "

On a side note: You might wanna add Symantic Norton Anti-Virus Wink
Oh wait, come to think of it I have heard of ESET, it is great I had it installed yesterday when I used to get rid of like 6 trojans.
i used mcafee or norton
hi everyone Wink:cool: l
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I vote for ESET's Smart security and Nod 32. I have been using those for a long time and never had any problems Smile
I actually use Comodo Internet Security. Very lightweight, and does the job well.
Of course, part of your 'antivirus' arsenal should be common sense.
McAfee Lol whatver it is
i use kaspersky and avast,
anyway i dont think AVG is in the "BEST" antivirus list?
Always been a big Avast fan. But I trust NoD32 the most.
Thanks to and for the VPS25
I use AVG on my PC's and have used it for a long time. Works fine for me.

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